Top 5 Indian Kitchen Remodelling Ideas

Like western nations, Indian kitchens are adapting modern designs. The home interior design industry is growing rapidly. People are revamping their home designs by hiring qualified interior designers. Although these designers have been trying to incorporate design, comfort, and functionality, there is still room left to explore the same. One has to be mindful of the type of interior they are selecting as new styles and designs keep coming in.

Indian kitchens are mostly structured traditionally. However, over the years, Indian kitchens have implemented incorporating new trends into their home interior designs. We have listed the top 5 ideas that might help you dig deeper into your research about remodeling your kitchen. Let’s have a look at them.

5 Kitchen Remodelling Ideas

1.Go for Bold in Colors:

The best part about following modern designs and styles for revamping your kitchen interior is that you can experiment with a variety of colors. Even if it’s a comparatively smaller kitchen space, remodeling it using bold colors can add so much character to a normal kitchen area. Kitchen counters and cabinets can be restyled using bold colors like shades of blue, red, green, black, gold, silver, and orange. One can also opt for neutral shades with a bold color so that the colors do not hinder the eye much. In the picture below you can see how AGL Quartz crystal series makes a normal kitchen look sleek and stylish.

2.Choose Classic White:

White is famously called ‘classic white’ for a reason. Classic white can never go out of style because of its high adaptability to surroundings. It is a neutral shade so it sets with almost every color and looks pleasing to the eye. However, to avoid making the space look more like a hospital, we can add an attractive backsplash or add different color that compliments white but breaks the monotony as well. For instance, you can have a look at the picture given below.

3.Stylish Handless Cabinets:

Indian kitchen remodeling ideas include designs that are not only focused on style and comfort but also on high functionality. If you have noticed, modern kitchens are always high functional, one that includes electric chimneys and stoves that can be regulated on the kitchen counter levels. Who doesn’t like functionality that comes with comfort? Handless cabinets reflect uniformity in the kitchen and give it a sleek look. To add the cherry to the cake, it’s super trendy and highly attractive.

4.Have Enough Storage Space:

Indians are known to store grains and pulses from ancient times. Hence, in comparison with the western countries, Indians need a larger pantry or storage space. Keeping that in mind, one must always consider having ample storage space while remodeling modern kitchens. Horizontal drawers can be installed to store cutlery, serving spoons, and graters while, vertical drawers can be installed to store plates and serving trays, cabinets can be installed to store crockery and open shelves for storing oil bottles and spices. Apart from that, a separate pantry room must be structured as a part of the kitchen wherein you can store grains and dry snacks.

5.Convertible Kitchen Tops:

If you have a small kitchen space, try incorporating convertible kitchen tops or tables. This way, the space of the kitchen can be maintained. Style with comfort and functionality adds high value to the interior.

To conclude, the kitchen is the most accessed part of any house and so while remodeling it a lot of factors must be kept in mind. From the color selection, the floor selection – whether matte or glossy, to the storage space and the backsplashes to name a few. Indian kitchens are a lot about functionality these days along with the concept of the cozy and warm feeling that it brings. So, the next time you’re planning to revamp your kitchen, these 5 ideas will help you create a wonderful space in your home. Happy remodeling!

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Update, don’t replace. Use products that are already available. You can revamp your cabinets by painting them. Keep the same kitchen layout while making small changes on your own like interior painting, changing outlets and lights, or installing baseboards.

Avoid installing high-maintenance kitchen appliances and get rid of those which are very outdated. Kitchen Island is a big no! It will minimize your kitchen space. Avoid double-layered kitchen storage as it will make it difficult for you to have handy access.

Firstly choose the flooring that suits your kitchen style. However, hardwood floors are best for kitchen flooring as it can be used in small kitchen spaces as well. It is easy to update and is available in a variety of colors and patterns. It can be recycled and is also environmentally sustainable, hence being the particular interest of all.

Go ahead with our concept of classic white. A white kitchen with a bold color used as a backsplash will make the kitchen look big. Incorporate a lot of shelving or extend the kitchen cabinets/ cupboards straight up to the ceiling.

An open kitchen layout will give a lot of space to work in. Go smart! Add convertible kitchen tops or make your kitchen style highly functional. A dining corner and open bar will maximize the kitchen space.