5 Marble Trends to Cater to Your Choices!

Home is a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle! The bold types will opt for bold colours and designs. On the other hand, people who like minimalist interiors will opt for subtle designs. Do you wish to level up your home interior game? Well, you are just at the right place now!

In contrast to paint, furniture, and other home decors, the stone sector doesn't see much of a revolution each year. However, selecting the hand-picked variety from a reliable marble supplier like AGL can make a difference. The best quality marble flooring and not just that, a thousand other ways you can use marble tiles in your interior.

Marble flooring is a great way to elevate the overall look and richness of your interior. A shiny marble flooring will surely awestruck your guests, making them want the same kind of flooring for their home. The luxurious marble stone

Here are some stone varieties that owners frequently choose to decorate their homes to their preference.  

Marble Range by AGL

1. Natural and Elegant Look Lover:

The manufacturing companies of marble and granite believe that stones that exude a natural vibe are popular on the market. Installing marble slabs, tiles, and backsplashes that mimic a natural setting is a popular way for people to give their houses a sophisticated and distinctive appearance. A green or brown coloured marble would also add the element of nature and elegance. It improves the appearance of the living space and gives it a warm, inviting feel. It also generates a tranquil atmosphere. You can never go wrong with either of these two options, regardless of whether you prefer a soft natural landscape or bright foliage.

2. Love for Classic Whites:

While the marble trend will come and go, the timeless whites will never go out of style! Without any doubt, white marble slabs continue to rule supreme. They are outstanding because of the class, serenity, and luxury they add to a setting. The white marble slabs become even more fascinating when combined with light cream or grey-coloured hues. They have the power to enlarge and brighten any area significantly. White coloured classics are the most popular choice among builders, architects, and designers, according to marble and granite vendors. If you're searching for something similar, take a look at our Antique White, which will instantly win you over. 

3. The Minimalist Lover:

A simple way of life is becoming extremely popular. People are choosing straightforward attire and sustainability over extravagance. The minimalist aesthetic has spread beyond the fashion world to include trends in marble and home furnishings. A marble provider that appreciates a minimalist's taste will always recommend AGL's Perleto or Giotto to get the desired appearance. Both of them can be used to create an attractive atmosphere both indoors and outside. It is a sturdy stone, making it a great option for floors, stairways, shower surrounds, etc. A minimalist would never cease to be amazed by their flawless grey and brown tones.

4. Go Bold:

Nero Marquina is the finest option for identifying your house if you are known for your outgoing personality and refined demeanour. Its glossy black, grey, and white colours give modern dwellings a dramatic appearance. One of the best options for any seller of marble is this sort because of the various patterns it displays. It complements your personality and gives your residential and business settings a touch of luxury, energy, and aggressiveness.

5. The Dramatic Feel Givers:

some people love to add a dramatic element to their interiors. Hence, to cater to that, AGL has come up with options that will satisfy your need for dramatic interiors.


The trend of 2022 is enormous marble tiles applied to walls or floors because they convey the serenity of the natural material to both our indoor and outdoor environments.

Although marble flooring can be installed throughout the entire house, the master bathroom, entrance, kitchen, or living room are ideal locations for the stone.

Whites are classic and hence, they will never get out of style. However, Smart appliances, unpainted cabinets, and darker colours in kitchen designs are gaining popularity.

Indian marble is widely quarried in north India, is a practical choice, and comes in a wide range of hues and textures. Indian marble is a comparatively tougher stone with a medium lustre. It is the most environmentally friendly stone available in India for flooring.