"Life should be chic, glamorous, and colourful — and so should your home." Yes, you heard it right. Home tiles can make a huge difference and so, AGL Tile has taken it upon itself to provide you with trendy and beautiful tiles for your home.

Over the last decade or so, tiles have gained popularity among homeowners, interior designers, and architects. Tiles have taken off beautifully, from replicating the hottest wood looks to expanding into the new trends with the most creative shapes, colours, and patterns. To match the trends, AGL has the latest tile designs to cater to your trendy needs.

In the world of flooring, we can see something new every day, and so at AGL, we try to keep up with the trends and expand our range of tiles. In 2022, things are about to get even more exciting, and so we are presenting you with the most premium and beautiful range of tiles that will leave you and all your guests in awe.

Get ready to see an emphasis on different types of tiles-eye-catching patterns, shapes and designs, and lots of bright new looks.

New Range of Tiles by AGL


The exterior of your home makes the first impression on the visitors, and so it has to be perfect to create a striking impact on them. Outdoor tiles should be tough yet beautiful to sustain the extreme weather conditions and wow the visitors. These days mosaic and brick tiles are quite in demand for parking spaces as they add warmth & texture and are durable. Outdoor tiles by AGL offer a varied range of designs, patterns, and colours that you can choose from.

Outdoor/Parking Tiles
Outdoor/Parking Tiles


The Porcellanto Tuff Guard tiles by AGL are known for their strength, durability, beauty, and wide range of collections. These latest floor tiles will give your home some character and warmth, which will make it homey. We have expanded our range of wood-look tiles that are currently the hottest tile trend of 2022. Moreover, this collection also includes a new style of tiles, including geometric designs, marble-looking tiles, concrete tiles, and much more. 

Porcellanto- Tuff Guard
Porcellanto- Tuff Guard


Vitrified tiles are made by compressing silica, quartz, and clay. They are easy to clean and do not require much maintenance; however, they absorb moisture, so it is better to not install them in the bathroom. But you can go ahead and install them in the kitchen, bedroom, and living room. You will love these new designs of kitchen tiles. If you have toddlers in your home who love playing on the floor, the range of anti-bacterial tiles is a good option for people to choose without worrying about where their children are playing!

Vitrified Tiles
Vitrified Tiles


Everybody loves the look of the rustic look of natural wooden planks and so AGL. We have expanded our range of natural wooden planks with beautiful grain designs, which are perfect for every home. Natural wooden planks are used as flooring for ages, and they are still very much in trend. There are several other flooring tiles which may fit your needs according to the interior you have imagined.

Natural Wooden Planks
Natural Wooden Planks


Digital wall tiles are a great way of adding charm to your walls. They are unique, colourful, and available in different shapes & sizes. Recently, digital wall tiles have created a lot of buzz in the market, and people are loving them. AGL Tiles has come up with some more beautiful and bizarre wall tiles in different colours, styles, and designs. Some are floral, some geometric, and some are marble-looking, but all are extremely beautiful and chic. 

Digital Wall Tiles
Digital Wall Tiles

Make sure to explore this elegant range of chic yet sustainable new tiles by AGL. These latest tiles designs have unique characteristics, which create individuality for any room, either on the wall, floor, or both.


The most cost-effective alternative to retiling your outdated bathroom wall tiles is to paint them; it's long-lasting and affordable. But you need a specialized product for this; you can't just use any regular paint.

You can modernize a floor tile using the below-mentioned ways:

  • Use Vinyl Floor Tile
  • Roll out carpets and rugs
  • Install Laminated Wood Flooring
  • Choose an epoxy coating
  • Choose Artificial Grass
  • Clean the Tiles at Regular Intervals
  • Paint them up!

Yes, is the answer Painting your floor tiles might be a wonderful alternative if you want to update the look of your bathroom or kitchen tiles but don't have the time or money for a complete re-tiling. You have complete design freedom to select any paint colour, pattern, and finish.

Ceramic is a great option for flooring. It is durable and affordable compared to other tiles.