Know The Key Difference Between Marble and Tiles

Marble and tiles are by far the most popular and preferred selections of every homeowner. However, most of us fail to recognize the key differences between marble and tiles.

It is best to make up your mind about flooring material before committing to your floor plan. AGL tiles offer a wide spectrum of tiles as well marble to choose from.

This guide brings you the major differences between tiles and marble that will help you decide on the ideal material for your dream house.

What are the differences?

Tiles and marbles are not alike, there are certain properties, styles, variations, and other characteristics that set them apart. The below-discussed points will help you choose the ideal option that will be worth your money.

1. Properties

Marble is found in nature while tiles are produced using rigorous procedures and this leads to differences in their properties. Since marble is natural it is much tougher and stronger but at the same time, it is porous, prone to stain marks and damage from acids and alkali.

Tiles, on the other hand, are made using ceramic, porcelain, clay, and other such materials. AGL’s range of porcelain tiles will be an excellent fit for floor tiles and wall tiles. To add to its qualities, tiles are also stain-resistant, unlike marble.

2. Finish

Marble is a part of nature and is extracted by humans to be used in distinct ways to suit the designs. It is honed, polished tumbled, and brushed with precision and care to keep its natural beauty intact. These finishes once done, give the marble a unique look. Tiles come in glazed and unglazed finishes. Our exclusive range of Digital glazed vitrified tiles will cater to all your desires for your perfect interior.

3. Style

Marble is a naturally available stone and so, it has been in use for ages. The fact that marble design gives an impeccable look wherever it is used is doubtless. But when it comes to styles and designs, because marble is a part of nature, the designs are limited.

However, you’ll get an overwhelming volume of choices for tiles. There are tiles of every color, design and pattern out there. Ironically, you will even find marble tiles! So, if you’re looking for gorgeous varieties for your house then tiles are the fairest.

4. Durability

The material of marble is extremely durable and so, it becomes an ideal choice for flooring. However, marble demands regular cleaning and polishing as it tends to form a yellowish layer on top, resulting in color dullness. The Taj Mahal is a live representation of marble’s durability.

Tiles can withstand weather, are resistant to scratches, and stains, and can be cleaned effortlessly. But over time it will wear out and you’ll have to ultimately replace it. Even though tiles can surely last for around 15 years or so. Also, broken or cracked tiles just become useless and will have to be entirely swapped with new ones.

5. Cost

Marble is a naturally occurring stone, meaning it is found only in limited locations and needs to be excavated, cut to the desired shape, and polished. This extensive method and limited supply skyrocket the price. Many types of marble are imported which in turn increases their price remarkably.

Tiles are man-made and post-manufacturing they’re ready to install. The overall cost of tiles is much lower as compared to marbles and installing them at your home won’t leave a hole in your pocket.

6. What’s better?

In the end, it can be said that both marble and tiles deliver exceptional benefits while having some shortcomings. These parameters are intended to help you select an ideal material for your floor that can not only last long but impress the visitors! Have you made up your mind yet?


Marble is a naturally occurring stone and is more durable while tiles are artificially made. Tiles are available in several styles and colors while marble is not.

Tiles, because marble only occurs naturally which drives up their cost while tiles are manufactured by tiles company.

No, marble is very durable and easily withstands regular wear and tear. However, poor quality of marble or faulty installation will lead to cracks and breaks.

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