MarbleX – Upgrade Your Interior Game!

Marble is an elegant natural stone that has been extracted and used to beautify houses, palaces, and iconic monuments for centuries. Marble flooring is the most prominent application of this natural stone. Since marble is obtained from nature it comes with a number of limitations. To overcome all these limitations AGL tiles have put forth their latest creation called MarbleX.

Natural marble is prone to stains, has a limited array of designs, is tough to install, and doesn't come in a consistent style. On the other hand, MarbleX is free from all those flaws and is nearly a perfect variety of marble floor tiles to go for.

Read on to learn more about the outstanding characteristics of MarbleX!

MarbleX - Impressive Characteristics

Made with the World's Latest Technology

MarbleX is a synthetic product that is made using continua + technology from SCAMI, the leading manufacturer in the ceramic industry. Continua + is the benchmark technology for variable-size, variable-thickness slab, and tile manufacturing. This technology allows AGL tiles to manufacture MarbleX with the utmost flexibility and least wastage. Further, continua + is equipped with a highly capable system that makes the details on slabs with great precision. This efficient manufacturing process makes Grestek MarbleX the most desired category of marble.

The Master of Surfaces

When it comes to home interior design marble flooring is the most common selection. People often avoid using natural marble on walls, table tops, and such places due to its porosity and other blemishes. In contrast, MarbleX is considered the master of surfaces for urban architecture. Thanks to its adaptability to blend with a range of surfaces. MarbleX surfaces are over and above conventional ones and add a touch of modernness wherever used.

Below are some of the applicable surfaces:

  • Wall and floor
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen Countertop
  • Dining tables
  • Staircases
  • Facades
  • Office table tops
  • Wardrobe shelf

Multiple Finishes

MarbleX offers an extended range of marble designs that come in a variety of finishes to select from. Polished and premium polished finish is a lustrous-looking marble that goes perfectly in high visibility areas. These marbles are pre-polished and don't require any post-installation chemical treatment. Similarly, matt, rustic, baby satin, and rocker/craving are other such finishes available in the MarbleX range. This glossy finish of Bahma Nero MarbleX is an example of the beauty that the black colour offers. Similarly, white is an evergreen marble colour and MarbleX Estutario proves it.

Hassle-Free Installation

It is a fact that installing marble is no child's play and is truly a time-consuming and complicated process. As a result, homeowners go for floor tiles as it is an easier alternative. But tiles cannot provide the rich look that marble has to offer. MarbleX is a great option to replace the complex installation process while still achieving the needed look. The exceptional manufacturing process produces this marble in the desired size, shape, and thickness. The precut marble slabs also make it easier to handle and carry around without an issue. This makes it easier to install wherever planned with bare minimum wastage. Moreover, there is no mess of polishing or any other post-installation process.

Low-Cost Alternative

Marble is pricey and only those who can afford it get them. It should be noted that marble is exclusively found in nature and then extracted. This whole process is deemed extremely difficult. As a consequence natural marble are expensive.

On the contrary, MarbleX has turned out to be an excellent cost-effective alternative for homeowners. The state-of-the-art technology allows AGL tiles to manufacture this marble on a reasonable budget.

There are so many other reasons to consider MarbleX such as countless design possibilities, stain resistance, zero porosity, the perfection of edges, and more.


MarbleX is the latest product of AGL tiles and is suitable for quite a few surfaces such as walls, kitchen countertops, dining tables, wall cladding, wardrobe shelves, office table tops, bathrooms, facades, and more.

Yes, it is. Because MarbleX is produced using continua + technology that cuts the cost and offers a less expensive version of marble as compared to natural marble.

MarbleX is available in several finishes such as matt, rustic, rocker/craving, baby satin/silk, polished and premium polished.

MarbleX comes with several advanced features such as being UV resistant, stain resistant, eco-friendly, flexible body, easy installation, etc.