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Traditionally, kitchen backsplash was considered to be boring and monotonous. It was only meant to protect the space above the countertop. However, with new innovations and designs of tiles coming up every day, kitchen wall tiles are now known to add charm to the plain walls.


Backsplash designs, today, are available in variety of patterns and textures. This helps cater to a larger audience.


Let us now look at a few ideas that prove kitchen wall tiles can be stylish!


1. Dramatic!

The variety available in patterned kitchen wall tiles is endless. You can add a dash of drama to the kitchen by creating a contrast between the two surfaces. Add floral or checkered tiles on a solid coloured background. This will make the tiles stand out and refresh the look of your kitchen entirely.


2. Powerful personality

Wish to give your kitchen a powerful look? The ceiling height backsplash helps create that look. It not only adds height to your kitchen, but also is a great way to utilize the dead space. Furthermore, it beautifully amalgamates all the features of the kitchen and makes it look consistent, rather than chaotic


3. Timeless!

Subway tiles are considered to be a timeless beauty. Traditionally, these were found in every other kitchen possible. Nonetheless, even in modern times, subway tiles can make your home look more elegant and classic. Additionally, they are also available in a larger dimension and hence, to change the perception of space for your kitchen, these tiles can work wonders!


4. Rustic look

A seamlessly white scheme always makes it possible to experiment with a little shimmer. Mix these tiny shimmering mosaic tiles with larger dimension white tiles and add depth to the scheme. Install lighting such that it highlights the shimmering mosaic tiles.


Classic shelf décor

If you’re aiming for that rustic look in your kitchen, natural stone is for you. It also creates a modern look when combined with white background. These tiles are also easy to clean. Incorporate these into your kitchen to get a contemporary look.


5. Wood finish

A natural look never goes out of style. It also looks soothing and subtle. Ceramic wood tiles look precisely like wood, and are also easy to clean. These could work with a solid coloured cabinetry. Make your kitchen look elegant and beautifully aesthetic with wood finish tiles.


Kitchen wall tiles can enhance the beauty of your kitchen and make it look more vivid. Choose from the above mentioned styles and give a fresh look to your kitchen!

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