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Wood flooring tiles and open spaces are ideas from the mid-century modern. These were a hit then. However, in the recent times, these ideas such as wood flooring tiles, lined furniture and floor-to-ceiling sliding doors are being incorporated into many homes. This gives the look of an open space and also gives the home a grand feel. In this blog, we will see a few ways you can bring back this look into your homes.


Inspire with this mid-century tile guide:


Draw inspiration

Designs from mid-century are inspired by nature. The use of wooden tiles extends to floor tiles, wall tiles, cabinets and doors. It seamlessly connects the indoors with the outdoors. This unification makes the home more spacious and grand. These designs look minimalistic and hence, give a classy impression. If you are a nature lover, introduce this look into your house with wood flooring tiles and make your interiors more sleek.


Install lightings

Minimalistic lightings are a perfect fit with wooden floor tiles. Install table lamps with gentle curves. Introduce table lamps that highlight the wooden floor tiles and cabinets. This will illuminate the entire space and make it appear serene. Try to find lamps with metal or wood elements. It will give a classy finish to the entire house.


Create classic colour combinations with tiles

Subtle dark colours when combined with neutral toned accessories in the home, makes the interiors look very modern and sophisticated. Dark coloured tiles like blacks or browns can be used with neutral toned cushions and couches such as cream or beige. This makes the space appear more elegant. Add more depth to the space by decorating it with showpieces and modern artwork.


Introduce more glass doors

Glass doors make any place look more elegant. Enhance the minimalist feel of your home by decorating it with glass. Install glass doors to make it look more spacious. These doors also allow natural light to enter your space, which highlights the floor tiles in the area.


Ethnic accessories

Home accessories always add more charm to the place. It also defines your choices and personality. Try being more rooted to the place where you live and go for ethnic accessories. This makes the place feel more cozy. Matching your tiles with the accessories creates a surreal look for the space. Colour co-ordinate both of them to make your home look stunning.


Hence, welcome the mid-century feel into your home with these minor changes. Transform your abode completely with designer tiles by AGL Tiles.

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