marble tiles

Composite marble is a beautiful way to furnish your floors. It uplifts the look of your space completely. However, it’s important to consider all its properties before installing it. What kind of marble flooring? For which room? Is it durable? This blog mentions a few facts about composite marbles that you should consider before incorporating it into your homes.


Features of composite marble:


Physical features

It is recommended to check for stains and cracks before selecting composite marbles for your home. An artificially coloured stone is generally layered with a sealant to keep the colour intact. While, a natural stone is raw and will show scratches easily. Hence it’s best to scratch the surface and check. Select slabs of the similar dimensions so that they can be laid uniformly on the floor. It is also essential to buy only good quality slabs that have been tested. Hiring skilled labourers to lay the marbles is also crucial as improper laying of slabs could end up looking shabby and lead to breakages.


Weather conditions

Composite marbles have properties which keep them cool throughout the year. Hence, you should be careful if you’re installing it in your rooms as that could affect your health in the long run. This quality makes composite marbles suitable for warm climates rather than cold. If installed in a home surrounding cold climate, it could result in discomfort.


Variety of composite marbles

Composite marbles are known for their unmatchable luxury. It is available in several patterns and designs. Because of composite marble being a natural derivative, every stone has different patterns. This makes it unique and precious. Choose the right stone with the right pattern for your homes. If you’re looking to re-design your rooms, install plain marbles as it makes the room look more spacious. Whereas, if you’re re-modeling any other part of your home, introduce marble with textures and patterns. AGL offers a variety of composite marbles of the best quality.



Composite marbles is one of the most durable floorings. However, it is necessary to maintain it. It needs special care and maintenance. The floor needs to be mopped daily along with sweeping it. Also, using stone cleansers once in a while proves more helpful. However, avoid acidic agents as this could ruin the marble in the long run.


Hence, these are a few ways you can keep the composite marbles well-maintained for a long duration. Give your homes a luxurious look with AGL Marble and Quartz collection.

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