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Bathroom is a dull and boring space if not decorated well. However, mosaic bathroom tiles can add a touch of elegance to it. Mosaic tiles category is available in a large range. You can find mosaics of your choice – colourful, simple or elegant! This blog explores the mosaic bathroom tiles styles you could experiment with for a brilliant makeover.


Listed below are a few styles you could consider for your next bathroom makeover:


Match with accessories

Is consistency your game? Do you adore a simple look? It is best if you match the accessories with your bathroom tiles. You could easily match the tiles around the mirror with mosaic tiles installed in the area. This creates a neutral, consistent and elegant look. It also adds a lot of detail and depth to the scheme.


Ceiling to floor

Adorning the entire wall with mosaic bathroom tiles can change the look of the area completely. This adds a lot of colour and brightness to the area. However, this look is only recommended if you’re a fan of vividness. If you love simplicity, this might not be your favourite style!


Make the floor bling!

Well, are you the kind that likes to be different? Why not decorate your floor with mosaic bathroom tiles rather than the walls? Yes, it’s possible! If you have an all-white bathroom, then make it look fascinating with floor tiles. You could match white with grey or baby pink. If you’re a lover of simplicity then grey would add a lot of elegance to the scheme whereas, if you’re a fan of colour, you could add a whole lot of punch with baby pink mosaic tiles.


Usher in glitter bathroom tiles

A seamlessly white scheme always makes it possible to experiment with a little shimmer. Mix these tiny shimmering mosaic tiles with larger dimension white tiles and add depth to the scheme. Install lighting such that it highlights the shimmering mosaic tiles.


Classic shelf décor

Love the bathroom tiles in hotels? You could have the same look in your bathroom too. How? Well, you can adorn the shelves in your bathroom with glittering mosaic tiles. This highlights the glitter on the otherwise plain walls and makes it look extravagant.


Add details to the mirror

If you do not want to experiment too much and still want to change the look of your bathroom, add glimmering bathroom tiles around the mirror. This highlights the section making it look spectacular and at the same time, enhances the look of the scheme.


Incorporate an artistic panel

Fantasize of giving an arty look to your bathroom? Well, you could easily incorporate it by adding colourful mosaic tiles on the floor or the shower wall. The mix of a light colour with bold colours such as teal definitely works wonders. Hence, if you’re aiming for an astonishing look, mosaic tiles can give you just that.

Mosaic bathroom tiles are perfect for any look you are aiming for, be it an opulent, subtle or exciting look. Try these ideas and make your bathroom look stunning!

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