marble tiles

We all aim for a lavish and spectacular patio. However, with wide range of tiles available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best for your balcony or veranda. Your choice of veranda tiles majorly depends on the look you are aiming to give to the veranda. There are tiles available for an elegant look, a colourful look and a vibrant look. This blog looks at some of the best tips to style your outdoor magnificently!


Following are a few tips and tactics to know before installing outdoor tiles:


Match the hues

The hues of your home need to match with the outdoor tiles. An unmatched look also works today, but it depends on what look you’re actually aiming for. If you’re looking for a subtle yet, elegant look then matching the hues is your best option. If you’re planning to install patterned tiles then it is necessary that the colour and texture of it match with the colour of your home. When deciding the style of tiles, also decide the usage of it prior to installation. A patio needs smooth and well-finished tiles while a pool area demands an unfinished surface. You could choose from the wide variety of tiles offered by AGL.


Quality of tiles– extremely necessary!

Outdoor tiles need to be selected with utmost care. These will be exposed to harsh weather conditions the most. Hence, they tiles need to be non-slippery and water resistant. The most-recommended tiles are porcelain or natural stones. These have low water absorption rate and are the efficient choice for outdoors.


Perfect Lighting with perfect tiles

The lighting of the outdoor space also needs to be considered before deciding the style of tiles. If your outdoor is well-lit, then dark coloured tiles would make a great patio. Whereas, if your outdoor is partially lit, then light coloured tiles would give it a divine look. Don’t decorate a dim lit outdoor area with dark coloured surface. It would just look dull and dead!


Thus, these tricks can help you design your home spectacularly. Designing outdoor spaces, if done correctly, can give an elegant uplift to your abode and make it look more spacious and stylish. Installations done after proper planning can set your outdoor space apart from the rest and make it look absolutely stunning!


If you’re installing tiles in a garden space, then go for a natural look. This also makes the outdoor more picturesque. It is important to keep all these points in mind before styling your outdoor.


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