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Many housing societies are identical to each other on the outside. However, your interior needs to set a style statement. The interiors should make a difference and set your home apart from the rest. This can be done by creating a perfect blend of the furniture and tiles. Well, it’s definitely not an easy task. Thus, we have compiled few style tips to help you design your house in the best way!


Mentioned below are a few points to consider for styling your home interior like an expert:


Living room!

The living room is one space which will be a spectacle to all the guests. It needs to look charming and attractive as it is going to be the center of attention.Incorporate large dimension tiles to give it a royal look. To make it more appealing, add mosaic or patterned wall tiles. You could also add bright coloured tiles to make it the focal point of your room. Keep the furniture as minimal as possible. Use more glass doors to give it the look of an open space.


Small spaces

Designing for small spaces is tougher than styling big spaces. It’s true! The major problem with small spaces is that they look cramped easily. It is best to choose furniture that is foldable and can be easily moved. Additionally, it is good to use large dimension tiles to change the perception of the space available in the house. Setting up furniture in the house that can be used for more than one purpose also proves beneficial for small spaces.


Happy place - Kitchen!

Tiles that are bright and catch the attention always help make a statement. Gone are the days when kitchen used to be a monotonous space! Make it look exciting with different kinds of tiles available in the market such as ceramic tiles, digital tiles, etc.



Bedroom is your personal space and you should design it the way you like it. A white room with classic French doors and white curtains enhances the look of the room completely. You can add more charm to the room by adding marble tiles or white floor tiles. Let the natural light enter your room through the window, rather than covering it with dark curtains. This makes the room look bigger and rich!


Designing your home interior is not an easy process. Every member of the house will have different ideas. However, it’s best to consider the size of your home and then, decide the furniture and tiles to go with it. Many options for tiles are available in the market that help you beautify your home.


Style your home lavishly with ideas from this blog. If you found this helpful, you could also refer to other blogs by us to design your home.


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