Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Your Bathroom this Monsoon

Most people love monsoon season. While some enjoy it, the homemakers hate it. Those homemakers who prefer clean and organised homes often struggle during the monsoon season. One of the most important rooms in the house is the bathroom, and keeping it clean during the monsoons can be difficult. As your well-wishers, we've put together a list of bathroom maintenance advice that will help you not only to spruce up your bathroom this monsoon but also to take proper care of it during this wet and humid season.

A bathroom provides you with that morning space where you can cook up your new business ideas. The capacity to imagine or plan something becomes more evident, especially when the space is clean and tidy. A clumsy and dirty bathroom can kill the vibe of the entire bathroom. Hence, it is important to keep the bathroom in proper condition. We have mentioned 5 tips which will help you maintain your bathroom. Let us discuss them thoroughly.

Tips to Maintain Your Bathroom Effectively

Avoid Using Rugs:

Most people like to keep rugs or clothed doormats outside the bathroom area. The purpose of it is to serve wet or dirty feet before and after entering the bathroom. The streets during monsoons are muddy and wet. In such cases, the doormats seem to get dirty. So, try altering your typical clothed rugs with plastic doormats. These doormats are more efficient in keeping the dirt away from the bathroom areas.

Repair Water Leaks:

Have you ever imagined what a leakage problem could do to your house? A small water leak during the rainy season can result in a big problem. Assure that your bathroom's fittings, such as the taps and faucets, are in excellent working order by inspecting them regularly. Close window cracks and fix loose nails that could let rainfall leak in.

Change the Damaged Washbasin:

Monsoons can cause various problems with your washbasin, sink and bathtubs. Replace your bathroom basin before it creates watery chaos in your bathroom. To prevent this chaos, you must select a premium quality basin in the first place. AGL offers the best quality washbasins in a varied range. Washbasins with washbasin cabinets are also a convenient option to have enough storage space in the bathroom. You don't want your toiletries to be littering around here and there. Washbasin cabinets will provide you with that storage space to store the toiletries.

Change the Damaged Washbasin:

Keep enough airflow in your bathroom. ventilation is one factor that you should always take into consideration. The bathroom surface always contains moisture, especially during monsoon season. The bathroom surface always contains moisture, especially during monsoon season. When it rains, the humidity increases, which together makes the most comfortable place in your home - the bathroom unlivable and filthy. This monsoon, invest in better exhaust fans to dehumidify the air and keep your bathroom dry and spotless.

Unclog the Drainage System:

With a powerful water jet, unclog the drainage system. Work with sharp or dangerous objects very carefully and stay away from harsh chemicals. This will guarantee that all bathroom equipment operates without a hitch.

You now have it. We hope you give your bathroom the makeover of your dreams during this monsoon. For a homemaker or a fan of bathrooms, the monsoon season can be difficult to deal with because keeping it maintained would be a task. We sincerely hope that our suggestions will enable you to improve this monsoon.


You should clean your bathroom twice a week, that is every three days a week. A bathroom is a place that holds the ultimate bacteria that can have adverse effects on one's health. Ecoli bacteria are found within 6 feet of the toilet and the sink.  So, wash it twice a week.

The following 5 tips will help you clean your bath area effectively.

  • Make use of baking soda to get rid of mould spots.
  • To deodorise a drain, use vinegar and baking soda.
  • To get rid of soap scum, use dryer sheets.
  • Rinse your shower with vinegar.
  • To clean the little areas of your sink, use dental floss.

If you "abandon" the cleanliness of your toilet, it could eventually result in more serious issues, such as the growth of hazardous bacteria. If your toilet is neglected for an extended period of time, it may even have the potential to encourage the growth of mould in specific spots.

Remove all objects on the floor, including baskets, towels, toilet plungers, and other items. Next, vacuum up any dust that accumulated on the floor, paying careful attention to the corners. Third, suck up any last bits of debris. Fourth, use a bucket to combine warm water and an all-purpose cleaner before mopping the floor.