5 Innovative Ways to Use Tiles in Your Home

How about taking your home interior to a new level by adding something that already exists in your kitchen and bathroom interior as your kitchen backsplashes and bathroom floors - tiles. Adding tiles to your staircase is going to take the home interior game to another level. your staircase will add a bold effect to your home interior. 

Tiling your stairs is just one of the innovative ways you can transform your space using patterns or simple tiles. The upcoming trends regarding the home interior also demand tiles to be a part of other areas beyond usual spots, like the kitchen and bathroom. It is a simple yet elegant element that fits perfectly and looks aesthetic, complementing other areas throughout the home.

Read on for more ways to enhance your home with tile.

Innovative Ways to Use Tiles


An entryway is an ideal place to use design to create a significant visual impact because it is the first thing you see when you enter any house. Even while we adore hardwood, a foyer floor covered in a statement tile looks far more welcoming, unique, and eye-catching. Use black and white coloured tiles in large quantities to provide a graphic twist to the traditional colour scheme, or cover a few square feet with a colourful choice. AGL offers the best quality of  floor tiles in a wide range of patterns, colours, and designs.

Laundry Area:

Laundry area is your safe space to experiment with the interior. You spend almost half your day collecting the laundry, giving the clothes a good wash, drying them, and folding them to arrange them back into the cupboard. If your go-to shades are neutrals or bold, try incorporating a  backsplash tile to add more character to your space. The next time you're doing your laundry and folding the eighth pile of clothes, you will still have a smile on.

Fireplace/ Living room:

The main space or the centre of any room is the living room or fire space. This space drives most of the attention and so, the interior should be perfectly aesthetic. Try a poppy pattern or a monochromatic design. The furnishings around it should be kept simple so that the tiled area may be the highlight.

Working Space:

The possibility of you working at home is now more than ever. With the pandemic hitting us, Work From Home has become a prominent choice among people working in corporates. So, if you were to make your workstation at home, why not take it to a whole new level altogether? You can make this space extra-inspiring with a fun floor tile. The work environment matters a lot. So, build a space that is lively and inspires you to work.

Cocktail /Mocktail Lounge:

This is without a doubt one of the most intriguing aspects of a home. Whether you're pouring up coffee or drinks, tiling can make it look aesthetically appealing. This is the place to go all out—a bright metallic or a bold design—and then remain in and splurge on that chic area.


There are a lot of ways to use tiles in a creative way of which top 7 are listed below:

  • Painting old tiles. 
  • Tile placemats and coasters. 
  • Mosaic-style planters.
  • Tile stencils.
  • Ceramic plant stand
  • Ceramic vase
  • Tray with decorative tiles.

You can use designed tiles to tile your staircase. Subtle colours will add a simple yet elegant vibe. Whereas, designed tiles will add character and a bold vibe to your house's interior.  

Owners typically select the tiles that can create the atmosphere they want for their favourite bar, restaurant, or cafe. While that is justified because these areas must appear attractive enough to draw clients, other factors must also be taken into account.

Tiles can have so much impact on the work environment. The availability of a varied range of tiles allows you to choose from a lot of options. You can select what you like and make your workplace look interesting using AGL tiles.