Top 5 Flooring Trends of 2022

If you're planning to revamp your house this year, you must have thought about redecorating your kitchen, bathroom, and living room. But wait! We're missing out to mention something. We consider every corner of the house except for the FLOORING. Believe it or not, flooring impacts the entire look of the house. Hence, you must opt for something that complements the space.

The flooring ideas for 2022 are ideal for enlivening your space and giving a facelift to your home's most-used areas. We at AGL tiles will help you create the magnificent new entryway floor, the warm and inviting kitchen floor or the fashionable yet tough mudroom floor that can withstand whatever you throw at it. So, if you've already chosen your furniture, fixtures, and window treatments, imagine how good will they look with a floor tile that complements the interior. 

Flooring Trends to Explore!

Wooden Flooring Trend:

Bamboo flooring and conventional hardwoods will continue to be the choices of choice for homeowners seeking an opulent appearance and natural substance. We anticipate these flooring to continue to be incredibly popular because national trends tend to favour authentic appearances and high-quality materials. Wooden flooring is a new trend that has been gaining popularity for a while. If you've never heard of it, it's definitely worth investigating before deciding on your final flooring. Bamboo is a gorgeous, resilient, environmentally friendly material that hardwood flooring transforms into slick, modern floors. Wooden planks by AGL have the below-mentioned qualities: 

  • High resistance to water
  • Greater stability
  • Application suitable for use in bathrooms and basements
  • Resistance against denting

Carpet Flooring Trend:

The leading flooring trend for 2022 appears to be hard floors. But we also don't anticipate carpet to be put on the back burner. You might notice additional carpet tiles, area rugs, and luxurious carpet trends next year. Carpeting is still preferred over tile flooring in common living areas like living rooms and bedrooms because it feels cosier and softer underfoot. Geometric carpet designs will also be popular since they are perfect for homeowners who want to make a bold statement.

Flooring Tile Trend:

For many years, floor tile has been a popular and well-preferred option for flooring. You can anticipate seeing the following types of tile goods in 2022:

  • Affordable marble-looking tiles that appear anything but subpar.
  • Moroccan-inspired or art deco-inspired decorative tiles.
  • Tiles that are simple to install and are DIY-friendly.
  • Hexagonal, fan-shaped, or arabesque designer tiles.

If you are looking for a floor type that is durable and waterproof, tile is your best bet to follow.

Laminate Flooring Trend:

Both business and residential areas are increasingly using laminate, and that trend only seems to be growing in 2022. We anticipate that homeowners and business owners will favour wide-plank laminate flooring and light wood in the coming year. Additionally, homeowners will seek out characteristics like water resistance, stain resistance, embossed or distressed patterns, and a wide range of choices.

Vinyl Flooring Trends:

By 2022, technology will have advanced to the point that vinyl materials will resemble actual stone or wood in appearance and feel. Vinyl has become an even more durable product with the introduction of SPC flooring, ensuring its continued appeal. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is also recognised for being inexpensive and simple to install, so homeowners wishing to do it themselves should carefully consider LVP.


If you like subtle tones, you can go with light shades of brown, nude shades or white. People prefer such shades over bold colors for flooring.

Wooden Flooring will never go out of style because of its timeless beauty, durability and its classic look.

Yet again, wooden flooring seems to have won hearts across the world. Hardwood has remained dominant consistently. For many years, hardwood has held the top spot and has dominated the market for flooring for homes.

Wooden flooring. Real hardwood flooring is the first option that comes to our mind for a timeless kind of flooring because it has existed throughout history and is still in use today. You need not be concerned that wood's eternal beauty would limit your decorating options because it will never look antiquated in your home.