Best Kid's Room Design Ideas!

The best way to nurture and develop a kid's imagination is by providing them with an environment that boosts their overall well-being. A room is an open canvas for them to decorate with objects, colours, designs, and furniture they like. As they grow old, their thinking patterns and imagination skills evolve. Hence, let them plan the decor of their room. As you continue reading this blog, you will learn a few basic things you must be mindful of while decorating the kid's room. You will also learn about the top 3 design ideas for 2022 for your kid's room. We assure you that by the time you have finished reading the blog, you will also want to become a kid again.

Things to Keep in Mind While Designing Your Children's Bedroom

1. The layout of the Room:

The kid's bedroom should allow full functionality and circulation. The room should be divided into sections for sleep, play, study, dress, and store the extra stuff. Try and keep the room as airy as possible. Plan the layout in such a way that there is maximum sunlight in the daytime and maximum floor space free for playtime.

2. The Bedroom Furniture:

The first tip is to invest in functional furniture, especially if it is a concise space. A vertical space would be more suitable since it will allow the maximum display of units, decor, and storage. Adjust the height of the bunk bed in such a way that there is a lot of space between the upper bunk and the ceiling. Consider having sliding doors as they work well for tight spaces.

3. Themes and colours:

The themes and colours play a major role in making the kids evolve as an individual. The room should reflect the personality of your children. The personality of kids evolves quickly, hence, incorporating interiors that can be changed easily.

Kid's Bedroom Designs 2022

Look through these wonderful children's room décor ideas to get ideas for your next bedroom makeover.

1. Transform your children's bedrooms into a colourful escape:

AGL offers a varied range of tiles that will sit perfectly in your kid's interior. For instance, the wood look tiles from AGL will add a touch of simplicity yet elegance to your child's bedroom. You are going to love how minimal yet soothing and positive vibe the wood look tile is going to bring to your interior. You can also use wallpaper with colourful print; that will add a decorative element to your interior.

2. Although not Bright, Dark Colours Works Wonders Too!

This is an amazing illustration of using black or darker colours in your children's bedroom. The room retains a fun element by contrasting the black wall with a light, aviation-themed wallpaper. Softer touches, such as sheers and pillows, add lightness, while vibrant colours specifics on the black wall break the monotony. You could also use chalkboard paint on the wall to create an endless canvas for your kids to scribble and draw on.

3. Design to maximize space:

you must make sure that the bedroom makes excellent use of available space; especially with the children's bedroom furniture flowing seamlessly from one zone to the next. If the arrangement is made in a flow, it will free up a lot of floor space in the room's centre. The arrangement should be such that there is plenty of storage space, a comfortable bed, and a spacious study area all against one wall. Moreover, patterned flooring and pockets of colour will elevate the predominantly white room.

Designing a children's bedroom can be an enjoyable experience to do with your kids. One pro tip is to consider layout, design, functionality, ever-changing needs and preferences, and your child's personality.


A child will occupy less space than an adult in general. This means that bedrooms designed for children are typically smaller than average. Many of the children's bedrooms in apartments and houses are 10 x 10 feet in size.

The positioning of the objects and room is usually done with respect to the Vaastu Shastra, especially in Indian households. We have also written a blog on the same, if you wish to know more, you can click on the link below to read the full blog.

  • 1. Space
  • 2. Jungle
  • 3. Dreamy Unicorn
  • 4. Dino World
  • 5. Wizard World
  • 6. All Comic-ey
  • 7. Star Wars

These are a few themes you can work on!

The bed should be in the southwest corner, while the head should be in the south or east. The room's door should not be directly opposite the bed. The furniture should not be placed in the room's centre. Furniture: The bed in the children's room is in the southwest corner.