It is said for a good reason that man is a social animal. We love to talk and interact with each other. To some, this comes naturally; to some others, maybe not. It might get super odd and uncomfortable especially when you have guests over at your place.


How do you make sure that your inability to strike a conversation does not make your guests feel unwelcome and at the same time all the effort that went into making this getting together happen, does not go to waste?


How about letting your house do the talking?


No, we are not talking about a haunted house where you hear whispers and noises of all sorts! We are talking about those special touches you add to the interiors of your house that catches people’s attention and automatically gets them talking.


Thinking of what these conversation starter touches could be? Here is a list…




The smell of fresh flowers plays wonders on our senses and their pure beauty brightens up any corner! Why not bring them in the center and let everyone see your magical arrangement of these beautiful flowers. People enjoy a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and at the center, they are sure to comment on the bouquet and the conversation will simply flow from there.




Recycle and reuse is the mantra of today. Repurpose broken globe or old pans as inverted/hanging lights, an old wooden ladder as a book case or a broken cart as the center table and your guests are sure to compliment you, both on your creativity and your efforts on saving the earth! The perfect conversation starter, we say!




These come in all shapes and sizes, in all colours and fragrances; as tea lights or pillar candles, as floating or votive candles and many more. Whichever is your personal favourite – light a candle and the space gets its spark! Candles hanging at the entrance door are an absolute talking point and the house will do the talking before the guests have even entered the house! Take it on from right at the entrance.




There is an artist hidden in all of us and if you are sure you can bring yours out, go ahead and paint your imagination with colours! Display this painting in your living room and let your guests admire you for your skill. If holding the brush is not your cup of tea, invest in wall art by your favourite artist whether well-known or a friend whose art you totally support. Guests always have their own opinion on art and there you are - the talks begin!




Do not keep your exclusive crockery packed inside the cabinets. There is a right time for everything and this is the time! When calling guests over, make sure to flaunt your taste in that expensive crockery set you picked up from the international fair. Serve your Chinese starters in the perfect bone-china plates, cater to the sweet tooth in the unique Italian glassware and bring the evening to its beautiful end with green tea served in Japanese earthen tea cups and pot.


Enjoy the never-ending conversations and when the guests ask you about when you are getting together next, you know you have given them the evening to remember. The house did the talking..


Tiles have the same effect. New, old or recycled – use them with a hint of creativity. Outdoor, in your living room, the bathroom, the kitchen – tiles can reach every corner of your house and will keep your guests engaged in conversation throughout the evening


Enjoy the endless get-togethers with your beautiful friends and family and live a #BeautifulLife.