Have you ever noticed how one of your friend's house was so similar to that of another friend of yours? Have you ever noticed that when you entered your uncle's house, you felt an air of mystery and darkness? Have you ever felt warmth emanating from every corner of your sister's house? Take a minute to think - Was it because each one of them were a particular zodiac sign and their house reflected their personality? Are you thinking, 'may be?' We will help you think better informed!


The elements of earth, air, water and fire influence our personality and peculiar characteristics and these reflect our style of decorating. Read what they say about your decorating style.


FIRE: Aries. Leo. Sagittarius


Aries: Aries are full of energy and dynamism. They require a simple and well-organised space that reflects their vitality and their bold personality latches on to latest trends. Their personality is best reflected in their minimalist style. They are attracted to a fiery colour palette - red, orange and sunny yellow being their favourites.


Leo: Elegance in bling is their personal style. It does reflect in the way they decorate their house - theatrical furniture, exotic accessories, ornamental lighting and mirrors. You will find a combination of orange, red, yellow and purple used extensively in the interiors of their living space.


Sagittarius: Passionate travelers and known for their hospitality, Sagittarians display knick-knacks gathered from their travels which reflects their eclectic decorating style. Their adventurous spirit is best complimented with hues of purple, turquoise and royal blue.


EARTH: Taurus. Virgo. Capricorn.


Taurus: They are the more conservative of the lot and are resistant to change. You will find their interiors very simple based on comfort and luxury. They love antiques, fresh flowers, soft, fluffy fabrics in green and earthy tones. You might also find hints of deep pink around their house.


Virgo: People belonging to this sun sign cannot stand clutter, are very well-organised and pay special attention to detail. This converts into need for lot of storage spaces so that they can stack up and store everything neatly around the house. You will find vintage furniture, especially in light coloured wood and glass, in their house. They love the colour blue, yellowy green, taupe and cream.


Capricorn: Driven by their sense of responsibility and discipline, the house of Capricorns reflects their down-to-earth style. Interiors are replete with solid furniture, a corner for their office work and a showcase to display the awards they are so proud of. One will find dark earth tones, slate gray and forest green used often in their space.


AIR: Gemini. Libra. Aquarius.


Gemini: Lively and sociable, Geminis adapt to luxury with as much ease as they adapt to a tent. Their living room furniture is carefully laid out to make conversations easier and they invest in a lot of conversation starter pieces. True to the duality of their sign, you will often find items displayed in pairs in their house. Moderm style, simple lines and metallic finish in brilliant shades of blue and green truly reflect the vibrancy of this sign.


Libra: The balance in any Libran's house is reflected in the symmetry they create with pairs of lamps, mirrors, paintings and vases and bring harmony in the interiors. Their natural elegance and keen sense of aesthetics leads then to seek out quality pieces, even if that means spending a little more to get that well-designed item. They work best in free, open spaces and the colours of their choice - blues and opal tones - help them achieve that.


Aquarius: They love cutting-edge design and you will find their house styled with ultra-modern and latest hi-tech equipment. Their metal furniture and accessories are often monochromatic in shades of violet or electric blue.


WATER: Cancer. Scorpio. Pisces.


Cancer: Their home interiors exude comfort and warmth and reflects their protective personality. You will always find comfortable chairs and an inviting aura in their house interiors done in shades of white or the periwinkle flower or anything with a pearly or silver tone to them.


Scorpio: The drama and mystery of a Scorpion comes across from the use of sumptuous, textual fabrics like velvet, brocade, silk and leather as they add exoticism to the living room. The theatrical side of them comes alive in shades of red, orange, burgundy and yes, black!


Pisces:: Full of imagination, intuition and sensitivity, Pisceans like to mix up different styles and put their creativity to full use. They need a lot of big windows to let the light in and blues and greens serve as a backdrop for their dreamy space.


Hope you could place yourself here and are left thinking - 'Bang On! That is definitely my decorating style!' Fire, Earth, Air or Water - enjoy the interiors of your house and live a #BeautifulLife!