1. Photo Overload: We love to see your precious moments captured and beautifully framed. But remember, nicely framed neat collage of few of your favourite pictures does the trick :-)


2. Chipped/Broken Ceramics: We know it is hard to let go but when the broken vase cannot hold water any more and your favourite tea cups are chipped beyond repair - it is time to let go. Make room for the new, we say!


3. DIY Disasters: Yes, it reads 'Simple DIY Steps' but not all of us are artists, you see:-) It looked great while getting created on Google but came out a disaster when you tried your hands at it. Time to ask the expert to do you a favour or simply buy good looking art.


4. Cord messes: It is best to have internal wiring done but yes we understand with all technology in the market, you will keep adding to your collection. Go wireless as much as possible and when you can't, unplug what is not in use and get creative in wrapping these cords.


5. Collectibles Overkill: "Too much of a good thing is bad." From the smallest to the biggest, from the oldest to the newest, from the dated to the trending, no your house is not a museum. Go easy on showcasing your collection - get rid of some, we say.


6. Unsightly Laundry Piles: Hanging used and dirty clothes behind your room door - a complete put off - both the odour and the sight. Toss these in a pretty basket and let people breathe fresh air ;-)


7. Those plastic wrapped old and dirty stuffed toys: All we have to say is 'Grow Up'!