Have you ever been in a situation when your mason uses a specific term and you don’t understand? Have you ever gone to a hardware shop and gotten stumped by a specific question they’ve asked you?


Don’t worry anymore. In the series “When your mason says…” we will cover all the terms pertaining to tiles that you could ever come across.


Now everybody will be a tile expert or at least sound like one.




He means percentage amount of moisture absorbed by weight.


Acid wash


He means a treatment applied to the face of a stone to achieve a texture or finish that is distressed. Chemical processes have been replaced by mechanical methods for the texturing of the stone face.




He means the spreading of a bond coat to the back of a ceramic tile immediately before the tile is installed.




He means secured and supported by adhesion of an approved bonding material over an approved backing.




He means silica sand, cement and chemical mix for filling tile joints. Available in a wide variety of colors.




He means pertaining to a highly basic, as opposed to acidic, substance; for example, hydrogen or carbonate of sodium or potassium.




He means a metal fastener used for securing dimension stone to a structure.




He means a decorative border, primarily for walls.


The Mason says a lot more and we will share more with you! Right here! #TilesAreAwesome #BeautifulLife