Kitchen floor tiles

Make sure that you create harmony between the subtle décor and vibrant features in such a way that the kitchen screams wow! Whether it’s about injecting a bold essence into your Mediterranean-themed kitchen or complementing your Scandinavian-themed interior, AGL’s kitchen floor tiles perfectly fit into these ideas.

Here are some unique kitchen floor tiles ideas of the present-day!:

1. Super sleek style

off white kitchen tiles

Ignoring the kitchen floor can be devastating. Because, kitchen floors need to withstand high-traffic, spills ranging from cold water to hot oil, dishes, etc. Therefore, make durability your priority as you upgrade your kitchen. Bring floor to life by infusing bright colors! They would give extra energy to your kitchen. Contrast them with bold-color decors like red chairs. If minimalism allures you, install tile with slightly-white texture with dark colored tiles in the middle.

2. Design with the easiest cleanup ever

brown floor tiles

It can be really difficult to choose any one style or print when there is an immense variety available for the choice. But make sure, you select a style that is easy to clean even after your kids or pets create havoc on them. So, stick with a similar color pallet while choosing the kitchen tiles. Something with natural texture will look like heaven!

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3. Blend of colors to create paradise

kitchen tile design

Do you think kitchen floor should be uniform? Well, not actually! Incorporate several styles and make your kitchen a paradise of patterns! Choose different patterned tiles or varying colored tiles to distort consistency. Choose contrasting shades. Go for patterns such as hexagonal, floral, geometric, brick prints or subway tiles as shown in the figure

Match the floor tiles with the countertops and you need not stress about anything clashing.

4. Magnificent with marbles

kitchen marble tile

Many times, simple design works the best. Marbles look magnificent when pale and rich colors are used. They introduce a sense of classiness to a space. Contrast countertops with plain marbles. The overall look would be charming, eclectic, and somehow unexpectedly beautiful.

Cooking usually requires long periods of standing and walking. It will be helpful if your kitchen flooring has some cushioning, especially if you have back problems. One of the best options is wood-finish tile which is a sustainable source of flooring due to its durability, eco-friendly materials and strength.

So, use these ideas and redefine floor tiles of your kitchen with AGL Tiles!