Want to add a pinch of charm to your home walls during renovation? Well, we have a perfect solution for you. Amidst several wall tiles available, digital wall tiles have been making a lot of buzz in the market. They are a new trend due to the ability to give your home walls a modern makeover.

Here are how digital wall tiles would modernize your space:

1. Innumerable design patterns

Digital wall tiles are available in a good variety of colors, prints and textures. But this might also confuse people in choosing a right tile. However, the solution lies at your home only. Your other interior elements play an important role in choosing colors and designs of the wall tiles. For example, to make the room look spacious go for bright colors.

2. Value for money

Digital wall tiles offer benefits such as affordability and durability. Apart of this, users also have varied design options to choose from. Furthermore, they are damp resistant and have low water absorption capacity. Due to which tiles remain in shape for a longer period of time in spite of heavy wear and tear daily.

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3. Size matters

Size of a tile is an important aspect to consider while tiling your space. This is because tiles come in different dimension and each of these strikes a completely different look and feel. For example large format tiles are becoming increasingly popular because they conjure up of an impression of spaciousness. They come in size such as 248X375 mm, 300X300 mm, 300X450 mm, and 300X600 mm.

4 .Types of tile finishes

AGL Digital wall tiles come in three finishes. They are:

  • 1. Gloss: Glossy tiles have exceptional smoothness. Moreover, they reflect more light to create a mirror-like effect which will make your space look luminous. Install digital wall tiles with gloss finish to give your home an aesthetic appearance.
  • 2. Matt: It is less smooth than gloss. Digital wall tiles in matt finish are popular due to its natural look and soothing ambience.
  • 3. Silky: Silky finish tiles are often seen in sophisticated colors. They have an ability to complement any classic, contemporary or traditional space.

5. Ease in maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of digital wall tiles is that they not only look stylish and have great textures but also are low maintenance. If you run your hands on them, you can’t actually feel those textures. This means that they are easy to clean and maintain. Just one hand of damp cloth cleaning and that’s it!

Apart from this, they are fire proof, fade resistant, long lasting, cost effective, and are not resistant to any cleaning chemicals. Go for the AGL digital wall tiles and modernize your space with AGL digital wall tiles.

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