Building a home is a one - time event for most people. Moreover, it is a place where people spend most of their time every day. Hence, it is very important that every person enjoys the place where they live. As you return home, you must feel cosy, comfortable, and relaxed.

1. Subtle for Kitchen Tiles

Let there be an open space in front of your kitchen. Add some lighter colored matt floor tiles like ivory or honey beige or greyish pine to match them with nature. Bring-in the jute furniture for your kitchen. Or if you want a sleek and shiny look, go for AGL’s marble or quartz. Our tile ranges such as Crystal series can spruce up your kitchen space. For a polished look and feel, don’t use the dark colored theme. Quartz series gives you the confidence to use bold and bright colors, consider TOSCO FIERO, STARDUST, SAPPHIRE and BURGUNDY MAPLE for the countertops and lighter matte tiles for the floor. Don’t ignore the décor theme entirely because it must be on the same line.
So, while purchasing the kitchen tiles, keep in mind a theme adopted for the rest of your house. It should not look like a bizarre!

2. Get rid of outdated fixtures

Due to more exposure to water, your bathroom tiles and some other accessories get older and fade colors early. Instead of replacing the entire flooring with new tiles just because of those few tiles, consider replacing just those deteriorated tiles. If you can, hide them smartly with objects such as a mirror, curtains or something similar. Remove the old faucets and fixtures and bring the new ones- the stylish ones! Nothing can be easier and quicker than this to give your bathroom a fresh remodel.
Now change the entire look and feel of your bathroom without changing any tiles!

Choose the right tiles from a wide range of floor and wall tiles!

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3. Don’t ignore longevity of tiles for living room

Spend a little more money in choosing floor tiles for living space, because it is a one-time investment. No one wants to change the floor tiles every year unless it is withered and worst. Simply buying costly floor tiles won’t do, it needs to be well maintained as well. If you don’t, tiles will lose their grace and durability. Not only you need tiles that suit your room’s style but also which is right. The style influences the entire room, but a right tile influence the entire home. Don’t leave color coordination behind, you might end up making the room look dull and lifeless.

4. Lay the tiles in a right way!

Laying the wall tiles is a great skill and if not done by professional masons then the tile may distort easily after some time. Ensure you thoroughly check the tiles quality and read proper instructions before making a purchase.

Following this guide will ensure that no mistake is made when choosing tiles for your space, and leaving you fully satisfied with the result. Check out AGL Tiles portfolio showcasing a huge range of floor tiles and wall tiles and get the best for yourself, today!