The long and hot summer season in India can be quite unforgiving. As temperatures rise, most of us resort to keeping our homes cool in every possible way. And it turns out there are plenty of ways to buffer your home from the heat without racking up your electric bill. 


With the nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, Indians cannot go for a walk, at beach/resort to cool off now! We all are home-stuck and are probably thinking of ways to keep our house cool during the summer.

Lowering the humidity of your space will also help you feel cooler. It is small way to start with and of course, there are other ways to keep your house cool.

Reduce and reflect sunlight

Direct sunlight coming into your home can increase the temperature. Placing blinds, curtains, or reflective window panels are some of the ways to keep the sun out of windows. Despite this, your room can remain hot due to the heat absorption capacity of the terrace. All you need to do is, install Eco Blanco tiles (roof tiles by AGL)– perfect for summers in India!

AGL Eco Blanco tiles is a perfect way to reduce the absorption of heat and eventually the warmth in your room.

Turn off lights when not in use

Take advantage of daylighting or use energy-efficient light bulbs. Normal bulbs increase the room temperature by 11 degrees. So, it is advisable to turn them off when you are not using them. Tubelights and bulbs produce heat, especially the incandescent ones. These are the least effective lights and 90% of the energy they use is heat.

If you are unable to replace them due to lockdown, the least you can do right now is to minimize their usage. It would help cool the rooms during summer, which may theoretically also impact other energy costs, such as air conditioning. You can also opt for solar panels to help minimize the cost of electricity.

Cover your furniture with white fabric cover

White fabric covers will help retain or absorb less heat in your furniture. This will help the furniture and interior of the house stay cooler in the process.

Open all the windows of the house

By opening all the windows of your home, you let air move freely throughout the whole space. It is called as cross-ventilation. It helps reduce the temperature in your home. Try it today, you’ll be surprised by the results.

Make use of your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans

Exhaust fan draws warm, humid air out of the room. Apart from drawing out any excess steam, they also draw out the heat from other rooms nearby. You can try it yourself to find a noticeable difference. Do this at the warmest period of the day when you’re not using your AC.

Bamboo shades or damp curtain

People used damp curtains before the invention of air-conditioning units. This is similar to putting ice or cold water in front of the table fan. Keep the interiors of your home as light and airy as possible. Opt for kinds of cotton and sheers while choosing curtains for your windows. Go for the jute screens and bamboo shades if possible. Dark synthetic drapes are a big no-no.

Let the night air in

At night, let your room breathe. In the summertime, nights tend to be much cooler. Make the most of this by opening the windows before sleeping.

Use Marbles

Composite Marbles are hard natural stones the transfer of heat in it takes place differently. In Marbles, heat dissipates faster, which means we will not feel the warmth.

With the harsh summer sun knocking India with its heat-wave, let’s get more inclined to cost-effective ways in keeping our home cool because we need to stay indoors to stay safe!

How are you coping with the Summer heat in India? Let us know in the comments below: