Work from home isn’t simple. Non-consistent work environment may cause a decrease in productivity. What we, the corporate, needs to ensure is that the employees remain motivated. With the pandemic forcing employees to isolate themselves, staying indoors for long periods is severely going to impact their mental and physical health. They must be missing out on their gym routines and physical activities. We need to communicate with them regularly and help them cope with the situation. Here is something that we can do:

Encourage them to set up a dedicated workplace at home

  • Don’t break the routine – wake up, shower and get dressed
  • Make your home desk like a workstation
  • Schedule your work
  • Walk around the house to destress
  • Make some room for fresh air
  • Maintain consistent timing for snacks and tea
  • Stay connected with your colleagues

Provide support for equipment and other necessities

The motto of any successful work lies in two aspects, i.e. a person's skill and the tools and technologies at his disposal. In general, modern offices are well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. These are related directly to the quality of the work.

During ‘work from home’ condition, it is a major barrier usually to the profitability of the workforce because workers require the right pieces of equipment or other necessities.

Brief them about cybersecurity

AGL’s security advice for home working for employees includes:

  • Ensure your Wi-Fi connection is secure.
  • Do not click on suspicious links or open any suspicious attachments
  • Ensure anti-virus is fully updated.
  • Check all security software is up to date. It includes all the privacy tools and add-ons for browsers.
  • Have a back-up strategy with all the important files backed up regularly.
  • Lock your screen if you are away.
  • Install encryption tools.

Communicate using tools and technologies

Employees can use tools like Slack and Skype for Business to name a few, as an alternative communication technology that can aid businesses for teams working from home. Ensure you stay connected to and collaborate in real-time.

Introduce them the power of Ayurveda to stay healthy amidst pandemic

“The Science of Life.” - Ayurveda is often called the “Mother of All Healing.” It emphasis prevention and maintenance of health through the use of herbs. As we fight pandemic together, let's choose Ayurveda to improve our health and lifestyle.

AGL suggests you indulge into 6 Ayurvedic habits for a healthier life

  • Practice Yogasana daily
  • se Haldi, Jeera, Dhaniya, and Lasun in cooking
  • Drink herbal tea
  • Inhale steam with fresh Pudina or Ajwain
  • Massage your body with warm herbal oil
  • Bond with nature

Help them to manage anxiety and isolation during the Coronavirus quarantine

  • Reframe “I am stuck inside” to “I can finally focus on myself”
  • Avoid obsessing over endless Coronavirus coverage
  • Keep your home organized - A chaotic home can lead to a chaotic mind
  • With this newfound time, start a new quarantine ritual
  • Seek help if your anxiety becomes unmanageable
  • Opt for meditation for mental strength

Home quarantine is the perfect opportunity to

  • Foster growth-mindset
  • Plan the future
  • Invest in improving skills
  • Cultivate a positive attitude

AGL urges everyone to make the most of the available time and technologies – either for mental/physical health or for business.

#staysafe and #stayhome