As the coronavirus spreads into most of the communities, public health officials want individuals to take up the responsibility and help slow the pandemic. People should:

  1. 1. Practice social distancing
  2. 2 .Quarantine themselves
  3. 3. Stay aware of the circumstances

How to self-quarantine?

  • Do not leave your home unless it is extremely necessary
  • Stay in a separate room
  • Keep your pets away
  • Do not share your belongings with others
  • Disinfect everything you touched
  • Monitor your health

Why social distancing matters?

To slow down the spread of coronavirus from person to person, health officials have instructed the public to practice social distancing. It includes

  • Staying at home
  • Avoiding crowds
  • Refraining from touching one another

Although living like this can be difficult, inconvenient and can even strike panic, but it's for the greater good.

Many people in India have already shared their quarantine experience as uncomfortable. But at these unpreceded circumstances, it requires all of us to be a good citizen. Indians should think about the collective. Because, as per the study of the Indian Council of Medical Research, each new coronavirus infected Indian could spread it to 4 others.

"The study was done in February when the numbers were not very high. Our aim was not to look at how many cases would occur but what methods would work. And lockdown and thermal screening works is what our study shows," said Dr Raman R Gangakhedkar, epidemiology head, ICMR, and one of the co-authors of the paper.

Social distancing cannot prevent the spread of infections entirely, but by following simple steps, each one of you can play a critical role to help India fight against it.

And to help you do that, we answered some of your biggest questions about social distancing:

Can I go to any public place?

Yes. Grocery stores are one of the few public places you can go.

Can I order food?

Yes, you can. There's no evidence that the virus can live in food, although you should opt to eat healthy to boost your immunity.

Should I use public transport?

India have suspended public transport via. rail, metro, and buses till April 14.

Should I commute using my personal vehicle?

District administration has warned of strict action against vehicle owners if they defy the lockdown order imposed across the country.

For the people who are in-charge of delivering the essentials. make sure you carry disinfecting wipes. Wash your hands as soon as your commute is over.

Can I go anywhere?

Yes, a few places like grocery stores, hospital and some outdoor areas around your home to relax. But right now, staying at home is possibly the best way to lower infection rates.

AGL Tiles urges the nation to practice as much social distancing as you can. Wash your hands constantly, and if it is necessary to travel to work, wear a face mask.

Stay aware about coronavirus and minimize your exposure to the infection.

Let’s beat Covid-19 together.

Stay safe, stay indoors!

[Note: We are advising everyone to stay home as long as possible, self-isolate or practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.]