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If your home has some 15-year-old bathroom fixtures, there are high chances are they are of old age. In modern India, most homeowners prefer the modern styled faucet. Whether it's your bathroom or kitchen, the latest trend keeps on changing. And it is good to stay updated with latest trend.

Have a look at faucet collection of AGL which is a classic blend of style and modernity:

1. Single Lever Faucets: 

Single lever faucets have a ceramic cartridge to regulate the flow of water. Up position opens the water flow and down position closes it. Left rotation is hot water circulation and the right rotation is for cold. 

2. Basin Mixer Faucets: 

Basin mixer faucet may be installed on washbasin or countertops. They basically have two separate knobs for warm and cold water. Basin mixer is employed often when water pressure is low.

3. Wall Mixer Faucets: 

Used in the showering area. Wall mixer faucets may be Single Lever, Two knob-bed or thermostatic. Installed at 1145 mm (approximately 445 inches) from the bottom level. The suggested legs distance of the wall mixer is 160 mm and therefore the adjustment margin is 30 mm on either side.

4. Pillar Tap: 

Pillar tap is used on washbasins or counters and incorporates a vertical inlet. The two taps provide hot and cold water as per requirement. Very effective in low water pressure conditions. Also popular in areas of moderate climate.

5. Bib Tap: 

Bib tap is a single faucet installed on the wall having a horizontal inlet. It can either give hot or cold water. It is generally used a mixture of two taps for warm and cold. Installed at a height of 1000+ mm from the ground within the bathing area. The long bib is employed within the bathing area and short bib in the bathroom. Very effective in Indian conditions of low and water scarcity.

6. Spout faucet: 

The spout has an inlet and an outlet won’t fill bucket, bathtub, or wash feet. The concealed valves or diverters is connected to the spout for the supply of water. It could also be installed within the bathing area at a height of 785 mm from the ground.

7. Diverters: 

The diverter has two inlets for warm and cold water. The outlets may be two, three, four, or five depending upon the model selected. The outlet may be attached to the spout, overhead shower, hand shower or body jets. All connections are concealed, only the diverter levers and plate are visible. The aesthetics of the showering area may be maintained by matching the diverter lever knobs and plate to the opposite facets of the bathroom.

The beauty of AGL bathtub faucets and bathroom and kitchen sink taps is unmatched! Browse through the collection here!