Want a simplified style and a reclaimed look for your living space? Nothing is better than rustic-finish tiles by Asian Granito India Ltd., one of the top 10 tile companies in India. Our rustic tiles have rich textures and warm hues that are perfect if a subtle and refined theme is what fascinates you. The rustic theme for décor is all about incorporating natural and raw materials to keeping everything as simple as you can. Tile finishes such as wood and bricks are preferred for this particular décor theme.

Here is how AGL’s rustic tiles can help you incorporate that ideal theme:

1. Lay tiles with natural finishes

To add a rustic effect to your living space, choose tiles that have natural finishes. Wood, brick, cement, pebbles etc. are to name a few. If you want to break the monotony of plain tile walls in your drawing room, bring an outdoorsy feel with a unique texture of brick-look tiles. You may also pick the tiles having an appearance of pebbles for a less traditional and more urbane feel.

2. The richness of rustic tiles

These tiles are designed to have the richness of materials available in nature. Imagine a beautiful wall mosaic designed with the combination of wood-look tiles having two different textures of wood. Imagine this look in combination with soft-toned furniture pieces. Captivating it looks!

3. Pick natural tones

Well, whatever you make must be picturesque and aesthetically appealing. Match your rustic floor tiles with traditional furniture and décor spaces. You may also go unusual by adding the décor pieces from different cultures. Avoid vibrant tones- keep them neutral and let the rustic touch enter the home.

Apart from this, you can also add antique lamps, aged wooden frames and other such pieces to even enhance the beauty of your room’s rustic décor. If you liked this blog, keep reading this space for other such ideas.