Since there is an immense tile variety in the market, it’s really getting tough to make the selection. Tiles are available in different textures, sizes, finishes and materials. At first sight, you may like many tile designs but tiles should not be shopped like that. For that, it is important to understand that for different areas of your home, you need different types of tiles. Obviously, the pool-side tiles cannot be used for your kitchen.

AGL being one of the top tile companies of India has an immense collection of tiles, different for all the areas of your living space. So, let us have a look at some tips on how to select the tiles for different areas of your home:

1. Choosing the kitchen tiles

As kitchen floor is a high-traffic area, you need the kitchen tiles that come with high strength and durability. You may choose polished and glazed tiles here with unique textures. Full-body porcelain tiles are best-suited for the kitchen floors as these tiles don’t easily show the cracks and scratches. Similar for kitchen tops, go for the tiles that are high in their MOH index (higher strength). One more thing to note here is to select the extra large-size tiles to avoid the grout lines on kitchen tops. Moreover, as far as the cooking space is concerned, any tiles work with a creative backsplash.

2. Tiles for your bathroom

Slip factor must be considered while picking the tiles for a bathroom. As a bathroom floor is going to remain wet, select the bathroom floor tiles that have a property called anti-skid. Say a strict NO to glossy floor tiles. However, there is no restriction while making the selection for your bathroom wall tiles. No need to look for the high MOH value in wall tiles and so, you would have a lot of options to select from! So, go creative as much as you can!

3. Choosing tiles for the pool-side area

This is the area you would of course; want to make it look lux and mod! And this can allure you to install the most-beautiful tiles in that area. But you need to keep in mind that those tiles also should be anti-skid and non-glossy. Pick matt-finish tiles for the pool-side area.

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