Do you think selecting the perfect kitchen tiles is a 5-minute job? We’d say NO! In your entire home, the kitchen is a space that demands different types of tiles for its different areas. For example, it doesn’t require only wall tiles or floor tiles but also the tiles for countertops and backsplashes. Also, the tiles for one application are not suited for the other one which is why selecting kitchen tiles need much careful attention.

To make your job easier, we have listed a few quick tips here. Have a look!

1. Find out the purpose for which you need tiles

By this, we are trying to tell you that first of all, you have to find out for which kitchen area you need tiles- whether for floors, walls, backsplashes or countertops! Why this is important to know this is because different applications need different types of tiles as they ask for particular and different properties. Keep in mind that the countertop tiles would not work as the kitchen floor tiles.

2. Find out the difference between different tile types

As said in the above point, different kitchen areas demand different properties in tiles. In the market today, a great variety of tiles is available. Various types of tiles are there such as glazed, vitrified, ceramic, porcelain, marbles and many more. For selecting the perfect kitchen tiles, you have to know them in a better way so that their properties are known and you can use them accordingly. For example, glass tiles are a really good option for the backsplashes but not for the floors.

3. Decide what your décor budget is

Those days are gone when the classy lavish tiles used to be much expensive. But today, the tile manufacturing industry has seen a great evolution. Lavish tiles have become less expensive and in your budget, you can have a lot of options for tile selection. Deciding the budget means filtering out some of the tile types and designs. This makes a clear picture in your mind about what to pick and what to skip.

4. Let the same theme go for your entire home

This factor also requires attention as the décor theme entirely must be on the same line. So, while purchasing the kitchen tiles, keep in mind what theme you have adopted for the rest of your house and make a purchase according to that. It should not look like a bizarre!

Whether you want kitchen floor tiles or wall tiles, backsplash tiles or countertops, AGL has immense options for all of them! So give our kitchen tiles collection a quick browse now!