Porcelain tiles, vitrified floor tiles and glazed ceramic tiles, all are the most-picked floor tiles options. However each one of them has unique properties that make it different from others. Properties of these tiles make them useful for application in various areas of your homes. This blog post talks about deep understanding of these tile types which would help you decide which one is the best for your requirement.

About vitrified floor tiles

Vitrified floor tiles are the best alternative option to granite and marble flooring. They are ceramic tiles which undergo a process called vitrification and have very low porosity, even less than 0.5%.

Advantages of using vitrified floor tiles:

- Long-lasting shine: In spite of heavy wear and tear, vitrified tiles retain their sheen over a long period as well. And this is why they are mostly used for the living rooms and commercial projects.
- Easy to maintain: Unlike natural stones such as quartz and marbles, these tiles are unaffected by dust, grime and dirt. So, they retain their glossy sheen and durability.
- Wide range of designs: Vitrified tiles are available in a wide range of designs, patterns and sizes. Various tile manufacturing companies across India manufacture the tiles in attractive designs.

About glazed ceramic tiles

Made of sand and natural clay, these glazed ceramic tiles are best-suited for many applications. Apart from being affordable, they also exhibit low porosity. Available in a variety of textures and designs, they are popular especially for residential projects but they cannot be used for bathrooms and kitchens as they are prone to cracks and damages.

Advantages of using vitrified floor tiles:

- Durability: These tiles have a liquid coating on them which makes them durable, less porous and strong. Moreover, these tiles are also easy to clean and maintain.
- Affordability: Glazed ceramic tiles are a more cost-effective option compared to others. Digital print technology has made it possible to imitate the natural and earthen look of naturally-available stones.

About porcelain tiles

One of the most-used floor tiles options, porcelain tiles are the full-body ceramic tiles that hold higher density and MOH’s scale rating with very low porosity.

Advantages of using porcelain tiles:

- Low porosity: Due to low porosity and natural stain resistance, these tiles have great durability and easy to maintain. If you take glazed porcelain tiles, they have good resistance to abrasion and moisture. This is the reason why they are best-suited for the kitchen and bathroom floor tiles.
- Easy to maintain: As these tiles have great resistance to scratches, they are very easy to maintain. They don’t need regular cleaning or polishing.

So, what do you think are the best floor tiles for your home?