Are you bored of those conventional tiles and countertops that look much basic? Why don’t you switch to some artificial but natural-look stones? Engineered quartz is such a thing. Quartz is a natural stone, the second most-plentiful mineral after feldspar in the earth’s crest. But as it can’t be directly used, it is refined and converted to the man-made version of quartz called engineered quartz. Apart from its eye-catching look, it also offers other benefits like excellent strength and high durability. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider engineered quartz for kitchen countertops.

1. Convenient manufacturing

A major component of engineered quartz is natural quartz which is easily available anywhere and so; it is very convenient and easy to manufacture engineered quartz in any part of the world. However, its quality and cost may vary from region to region. Leading tile suppliers in India provide this quartz at affordable prices. They are available in many designs, textures, finishes and sizes.

2. One of the most-used countertop materials

As it is made by recycling the waste of stones, engineered quartz is an eco-friendly material. Also, the manufacturing process of it requires less energy and that again contributes to protecting the environment from getting damaged.

3. Engineered quartz is very useful

Engineered quartz is mostly used as floor tiles for large public complexes and commercial projects. Airports, malls, hotels, metro stations and courthouses majorly use quartz for the floors. As it has a unique natural look, it looks sleek and stunning on the application. Even on a budget, you can get great design options for this engineered quartz.

4. Antimicrobial properties

Engineered quartz is a unique material which doesn’t require any special treatment to make it free from microbes. In fact, it has some properties that discourage the microbial growth. This is the reason why it is a great option to be used as kitchen tiles and countertops.

5. Easy Customization

If you are aware, naturally-available stones are difficult to connect from edges and corners as they do not have much strength. But if you take the engineered quartz, it can be easily connected from edges and corners and various sizes, designs and shapes can be produced.

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