Call it a living room, drawing room or a family room- it is that space of your home which your guests see before the rest of your home. It is, therefore, the first and last (for those who won’t go beyond your living room) place to have an impression of your styling sense. So, if you are already planning to remodel your living room, here are some sure-shot, unique and workable floor and wall tile ideas for your living room.

These tile ideas below are also to have the ultimate first impressions on your guests. So, go ahead!

1. Clean and classy


For an eye-catching focal point, mix nude shades with bold shades. Choose bland colored floor tiles and match them with bold tints of furniture pieces. As shown in this concept of a living room, you may choose grey and beige colored floor tiles and match them with bold tomato colored couches. This combination of nude floor tiles and bold accents look fabulous!

2. Chic and urbane


Do you want to give your guests the first impression of your love for subtle décor? Then why not go for the bland hue tints only? Select neutral tones for floor tiles and wall tiles as well as furniture to add a polished and refined look to your living room. If you are a nature-lover, you could also make it an all-wooden space. Choose wood-finish digital wall tiles by AGL and match them with wooden table-chairs and beige or light brown colored sofas. Sounds city chic?

3. Modish and neutralized


As we said above for wood-finish tiles, you may also choose the same pattern for floors and walls. Selecting the neutralized shades of tiles will help you brighten up the room. If you have a large living hall, go glam with a lavish couch pair, an artistic lamp, some fresh bushes and two-three unique quotes on walls. Your guests would really praise your décor style!

4. Regal and majestic


Want to add a royal touch to your home? How about the engineered marble or quartz having a sleek finish? Have them installed for floors and incorporate some Victorian décor elements. A Chesterfield or Tuxedo suits best in this theme.

All these tile trends go well if you select the right tiles for your living room. To have more ideas, explore our entire range of tiles. Hover on each and you can see the concept designed with those tiles so that you can have an idea how they would look on the actual installation.

Happy remodel!