marble tiles

Each home tells a different story. All the elements of the home tell this story – be it the furniture, the photographs, the tiles, etc. The sizes of tiles have a huge impact on your homes. Hence, selecting the perfect tiles is an important decision that you should take after considering several factors. Read this blog to know which are the points you should consider while selecting tiles for your homes.


Following are a few ways how tile-sizes can elevate the beauty of your homes:

1. Remember grout lines

Have you seen a room filled with tiles that have grout lines? Don’t they look bigger? That’s the charm of grout lines. They naturally make the room look bigger. Grout lines give your floors an expansive effect. If you’re aiming to give your room a cozier look, then opt for medium-sized or big tiles. The colour of your grout lines should be similar to your tiles. This will also help in making the room look cozy and private.


2. Colour and size play

Playing with colours is an essential part of decorating your home. You need to understand the effects colours have on your home. It is said that shiny and smooth surfaces reflect light. Hence, if you want to make your room look bigger, install large glossy tiles in muted-tones. This will reflect light and make the room feel lighter, airier and bigger.


3. Experimenting with combinations

Do you love experimenting with different types of tiles? Well, always remember that cramming a room with different types of tiles makes it look smaller than it is. This happens because there’s a lot that’s going on in the room. It becomes visually chaotic. If you’re looking to expand your room, use a single set of tiles in the whole room.


4. Laying tiles diagonally

Why always lay the tiles straight? Laying tiles diagonally adds visual interest to the room. Moreover, this also makes the room look less busy and adds character to it. Thus, it’s better to not place your tiles in a grid.

Aren’t these ideas great? Make your homes look bigger and more spacious with these tricks.

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