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AGL Tiles brings to you the 5 blogs you must read before designing your home in 2017. These blogs will help you design your homes beautifully and also give you décor ideas. So, if you’re renovating your home, these blogs are perfect for you! Read this blog to know more.


Below listed are the 5 top blogs you should read by AGL Tiles:

1. Ultimate guide to kitchen tiling

Kitchen is no more the place where you only cook. It is also the hub of your home where your family and friends get together. The modern kitchen is not only about functionality, it is also about making the right style statement. It needs to create a proper balance. How can you do that? Well, AGL Tiles helps you achieve that stylish look for your kitchen. The key is to create a perfect balance between your kitchen floor tiling, wall tile, and countertops. Read the blog to know more!


2. What makes double charged vitrified tiles the perfect flooring option?

Vitrified Tiles are one of the most popular tiles of AGL Tiles. These are suitable for commercial spaces that endure heavy foot traffic or residential projects. Moreover, these tiles also have multiple benefits to offer such as keep shining for a long time, can be used for both commercial and residential spaces, these are low maintenance and absorb liquid substances very easily. Learn more in this blog!


3. Tiles style guide – Interior décor

How do you set a style statement for your home? AGL Tiles has quite a few ideas how you can do that. This can be done by creating a perfect blend of the furniture and tiles. Well, it’s definitely not an easy task. The tips and tricks provided by us in this blog help you achieve that perfect balance. You need to consider a few points like your living room décor, how to decorate small spaces and lastly how to make your bedroom look spacious. Get detailed tips on this blog!


4. 3 Must-know tips about outdoor tiles!

Are you re-decorating your outdoors? Well, if you want your patio to look spectacular then you should definitely know how to tile it right! AGL Tiles brings you ideas to tile your outdoors correctly. The few tips include matching the hues, examining the quality of tiles, coordinating the tiles with lighting. Want to know more? Read this blog!


5. How do you choose the perfect kitchen and bathroom tiles?

Your kitchen and bathroom are used the most. It’s important to tile them perfectly to make them look attractive while keeping it durable. But how do you decide which tiles are perfect for your kitchen and bathroom? AGL Tiles tells you the questions you should ask before installing tiles – consider the placement of tiles, the budget and how often the tiles will be used. Know more on the blog!

These are the top 5 blogs by AGL Tiles that you should definitely read. Keep checking this space for more information!