marble tiles

Modern homes and interiors are all about giving it a sleek look and keeping it subtle! The colours that are trending the most these days are neutral tones paired with dark brown coloured furniture. Hasn’t this become quite monotonous? To spice things up, people are now installing printed and textured wall tiles in their living room. You read it right! Using wall tiles in the living room is one way to perk up your walls while keeping it classy. In this blog, we have compiled a list of ideas to make your living room modern and stylish.


Mentioned below are a few ways you can incorporate wall tiles into your homes:

1. A vintage feel…

Wood-coloured wall tiles give a very Victorian and rustic look to the home. Also, these match perfectly well with neutral-toned furniture. Hence, enhancing the entire appeal of your room. If you have decorated your home with sleek and stylish furniture, then these wood-finished tiles can add a contemporary look to the space. You can further enhance your living room by installing metal artworks.


2. Wall tiles with textures…

Have you heard about digital wall tiles? Digital wall tiles are tiles that can be printed with the design and texture you desire. These can be customized the way you want them. Moreover, these vivid textures add a luxuriant appeal to your homes. How to use them? Well, you can install these behind your TV unit or as a focal feature on your wall of the living room. These tiles will help you leave a lasting impression on your guests when combined with neutral colours.


3. A vivid play…

Love experimenting? Installing patterned tiles on your wall is a great way to do that. These tiles add personality and depth to the room. You can enhance the appeal of the space by pairing it with minimal furniture. However, it’s best to use muted-toned patterned tiles. Using loud patterned tiles can ruin the look of the entire room. These tiles should be chosen in such a way that they add visual interest while being easy on the eye.


4. Elegant and monochromatic…

Do you love keeping it simple and elegant? You don’t have to install patterned or textured tiles to make your home look attractive. You can also incorporate this look by using minimalistic tiles for your wall. Create a coherent look by using similar tones of floor tiles with your wall tiles. Using white works best if you want to give your room an expansive effect.

Use these ideas to elevate your abode and for a rich appeal.

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