One of the greatest challenges when it comes to choosing new flooring is the sheer scale of choices now available. But now there is a new angle added to the choices now – going green. For years now, discerning builders have chosen eco-friendly tiles for their projects due to its many benefits. When you begin to factor in how environmentally-friendly ceramic and porcelain tile products are, you’ll see that tile is the obvious choice when building green.

Tile and the Environment

Life Cycle – Ceramic and porcelain tile are some of the longest lasting flooring products on the market today. Unlike carpet, vinyl, or laminate flooring which have to be replaced periodically, properly installed tile will last a lifetime

Indoor Air Quality – Indoor air quality is a hot topic and for good reason. Since tile is fired in kilns to extremely high temperatures, there are no volatile organics in the finished product that can be released into the air we inhale.
Recycling – Tile manufacturers and renowned companies today reuse water and materials. They send only negligible amounts of scrap to landfills and waste water to treatment facilities.

Availability – With tile manufacturers located almost everywhere in the nation, tile and installation products made with local raw materials are widely available.

Low maintenance – Ceramic tile is easily cleaned, often only with warm water, eliminating the need for chemicals and cleaners needed to maintain other types of floors.

Best Value - Ceramic tile adds value to any floor, needs almost no maintenance, and costs less per square foot than other permanent and long-use flooring options.

Design Capability - Today’s selection of tile offers a limitless palette of textures, colours, shapes, and styles to create custom expressions.

Durability - Ceramic floor tile, properly selected and installed, maintains its original qualities and lasts longer than other flooring options.

Water Resistance - Not only can installations of ceramic tile be waterproof, some tiles are designed to provide better traction, making ceramic tile a perfect choice for swimming pools, showers, patios, and other wet areas.
Clean and Healthy - Ceramic tile is easy to clean and inhospitable to dust mites, mould, and bacteria.

With so many flooring options, we recommend that you go with the surface that you prefer but hopefully the reasons above have amply made it clear why tiles are still the number one flooring choice.