It happens to us. We visit someone's house and are totally awed by the unusual and aesthetically pleasant use of standard materials. While we compliment and shower the host with praises, our inner self is uncomfortable. "Why cant I do something like this?" "It was so easy and looked amazing. I wish I had the time:-(" Well, ladies and gents, you can do this and more and it does not need days of planning and hours of execution! We are making it easy for you with these 5 simple ideas. And all you need is a few TILES - buy them afresh or use the leftovers. Start with any one idea and as you get to the next one, we are absolutely sure you are in love with the compliments coming your way!


All you need is a tile, a paintbrush and a bottle of white colour! Create beautiful Warli art on the tile and see it transform into your own lovely piece of art. Adorn the walls of your house with it and tell us how it looks!


Use any of these interesting tiles to design the headboard - do-it-yourself or ask your carpenter to bring it together for you. Your bed and your bedroom has a totally fresh, new look!


Here is another one of the D-I-Y with tiles! All you got to do is:
Step 1: Put your favourite lace on the tile.
Step 2: Spray paint your favourite colour.
Step 3: Ready to use as a coaster amongst many more uses!
Have them all around or on just the top of the table! Tiles are versatile - use them the way you like and create your very own beautiful tiles table.


From your phone or your camera on to tiles. All that you need to transfer your favourite clicks on to your favourite tile is 'Nail Paint Remover!'
Step 1: Put your favourite picture face down on the tile.
Step 2: Apply nail polish remover on a brush and coat the back of your picture.
Step 3: Put a sheet of acetate over that and rub the image with a blunt knife.
Step 4: Remove the excess paper and apply a tile sealer.

Let it dry for an hour or two and display your pictures in style.
Follow us for more such ideas and create a beautiful place with tiles. #TilesAreAwesome :-)