You can take that vase off from your coffee table whenever you develop a dislike for it or when you think it has gone out of style. You can also replace your sofa just like that. However, the same is not true or for that case practical when it comes to flooring. Floors form the base of your entire home decor; literally and otherwise. No matter the size of a space; attractive and apt flooring can truly enhance the look of the space. Hence, deciding the type of flooring is an important decision, given that markets today are flooded with options; all of which come in different designs and price ranges to suit your requirements.

If you can’t decide which tile to go for; you could make your mind up taking some important points into consideration.

Nature - Vitrified Tiles are known for their non-porous nature and hence absorb little or no water. These tiles are stain resistant and highly durable, owing to the vitrification process they go through.

Quality - Vitrified Tiles have far superior properties compared to marble or natural granite because being a manufactured product their quality is controlled.

Durability - These tiles are endowed with capability to sustain even the harshest of conditions. Vitrified tiles are discoloration resistant and can easily hold good for a span of 10-15 years, when used with proper maintenance.

Cost & Installation Time - The cost of Vitrified tiles would largely depend on the design and brand you choose. The tiles are also more affordable when compared to marble. The cost of installation for these is also fair.

Designer Edge - Tiles are uniform and come in a large variety of designs, colors, prints and textures. You could own either a classic or a trendy and dynamic one. With customization options, we can choose the design we want on our floor tiles, this phenomena has revolutionized the way designs are incorporated in flooring.

Vitrified tiles are simply awesome in terms of look as well as convenience. So set the right tone for the room and enhance it to a great degree with the right kind of tiles.