Besides their exceptional beauty and versatility, porcelain tile floors have the advantage of being very low-maintenance. Ceramics are made of natural particles that are shaped and fired at very high temperatures.
This process creates a durability and resiliency that is unmatched by most other flooring surfaces. When glazed, they also have a protective barrier from dirt, water, stains, and chemicals, making them even more impervious to the elements. Even while easy to maintain, there are some steps to take to ensure that it remains in optimal condition.

For basic cleaning, the following procedures are recommended in ceramic tile care:
• Sweep or vacuum surface
• Mix water with tile and grout cleaner per manufacturer's instructions and apply to surface
• Allow solution to sit for three to five minutes
• Agitate with sponge or mop
• Mop up solution
• Rinse mop and change cleaning solution at least every 500 square feet
• Rinse thoroughly with clean water
• Dry mop floor to remove moisture or pick up residue with a wet-vac
• Wipe the floor dry
As you can see, it’s easy, it’s comfortable and with wonderfully beautiful flooring, you probably feel a super sense of happiness and security.