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Floor Tiles: The Best Flooring Material for Pet Owners!


Floor Tiles: The Best Flooring Material for Pet Owners!

Around 60% of Indians are proud pet owners! And most of these furry little animals live with their human companion inside the house. We all know how energetic and excited they get around the folks they love. This means a lot of running around, dashing, jumping, slipping, and everything else you can imagine your little friend doing.

Pets usually love the outdoors as they get the freedom to explore the surrounding. But still, most of their time will be spent inside the house. So, it only makes sense to use the best flooring material that suits your pet. There is a ton of options available in the market but not all of them are the best flooring for pet owners. Tiles are one such flooring material that works the best for pet owners, and here are some reasons behind it!

It is Super Easy to Clean

Out of all the potential flooring used by homeowners, tiles are by far the easiest one to maintain. If you own a pet then you'll be aware of all the pet hair that is lying around in the house. Cats and dogs are the most popular pets and they both shed fur as well skin flakes. This contributes to the dusty situation in your house. Floor tiles do not absorb the dirt, it only sits on top of it. So, even a simple sweep is enough to make the floor shiny and clean. For some extra tidiness, you can even use a mop. Occasionally, you'll have to clean the animal's pee and poop too. This gets easier to clean when on tiles as compared to other flooring materials.

No Odour

Some flooring materials absorb odour that is often emitted by pets. This stays on for a long period of time and won't go away easily. The worst thing is that the odour radiates throughout the room and will give your nose a hard time.

But that is not the case with tiles as they are hard and don't ingest any sort of smell. Whatever it stays on the surface which is super easy to clean up. AGL also offers Anti-Bacterial tiles that are abrasion resistant and won't let any bacteria thrive!


Another great reason that makes tiles pet-friendly is that it is stain-proof. Not many flooring options are as stain-resistant as tiles are. And getting your floor stained with your pet's pee or any other spill such as water would be the worst nightmare ever. Moreover, stains can happen anytime and get too common if the flooring is unable to resist. As a result, you'll eventually have to replace the whole flooring. Instead, go for floor tiles that easily resist stains and stays spotless, almost always!

Scratch Resistant

Picture this: you've just come home from a long day at work, and your furry friend is eagerly waiting to greet you. But as you step inside, you notice something - scratches on your hardwood floor. Fear not, pet owners, for floor tiles are here to save the day!

Floor tiles are tough, their scratch-resistant surfaces can withstand the playful paws and sharp claws of even the most mischievous pets. No more worrying about unsightly scratches or costly repairs - just peace of mind knowing that your floor can handle anything your beloved furry friends throw its way. So go ahead, let them run wild - your floor tiles have got your back!


Did you know that floor tiles can be an eco-friendly flooring option for your home? Unlike some other types of flooring, tiles are made from natural materials like clay or porcelain, and they don't contain any harmful chemicals. This makes them a great choice for pet owners, as pets are sensitive to chemicals and toxins in their environment.

So, if you're looking for a safe and low-maintenance flooring option for your furry friends, consider eco-friendly floor tiles.

AGL has the Best Flooring for Pets!

Not just you but AGL also serves your little furry friends with our wide collection of floor tiles. Hopefully, these reasons were more than enough to convince you into selecting the best flooring for pets. AGL offers a great range of flooring materials such as porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, and many more!


Make sure you mop the floor 2-3 times a week to keep it clean. Clean the floor daily to prevent dust from accumulating. Also, groom your pets regularly so they may shed the least.

Tiles are the best type of flooring material you can install as a pet owner. They are sturdy, resistant to scratches, and stains, and super easy to maintain. Moreover, tiles will last longer than any other flooring type.

If you're a proud dog owner in India then consider installing floor tiles. Because they're pet-friendly, easy to maintain, cost less, and last longer.

Your flooring should be free from any toxins or harsh chemicals if you own pets. And floor tiles are the only option you'll need since they're eco-friendly and non-toxic. Thus, making it the best flooring for pets!


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