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Large Slab Tiles: A Perfect Addition to Your House


Large Slab Tiles: A Perfect Addition to Your House

Do you want to update your living space with new interior design concepts? Or want to have a luxurious commercial look? Well for this, tile manufacturing companies have come up with a lot of new tile sizes and styles. Large slab tiles are one of the newest tile trends for homeowners!

AGL Tiles has a wide range of large slab tiles available in larger sizes than standard tiles. You can ditch the regular floor tiles by opting for these large slab tiles that work great as wall tiles too!

Together with enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your living space, they also have a dramatic effect on space.

Let's look at some of the most impressive benefits of installing large slab tiles!

They Look Visually Stunning!

Large slab tiles offer a ton of benefits and looking elegant is one of them. These tiles are truly sleek and minimalistic, thus putting up a modern look. AGL's large slab tiles come with a range of classic prints and textures that create extravagant spaces. You can have them installed in your living room to wow your guests. And use one of the finest designs on your patio to add a touch of modernity to your home. For rooms, you can fit tiles with a normal-sized tile pattern.

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They Amplify the Spaciousness

Large slab tiles often paint an illusion of a bigger roomy area. Generally, marble is bigger as compared to normal tiles and it creates an illusion of spaciousness. Likewise, if you're looking for a spacious house, go with large slab tiles. Apart from conjuring up the overall look and feel, these large slabs would also improve the spaciousness. If you have smaller rooms and don't want them to look awkward or sloppy, go with larger tile sizes. The fewer the lines of the grotto, the better the room will look!


Use Them as Wall Tiles

We rarely come across tiles that can be used on multiple surfaces, right? And large slabs are the last type of tiles you'd expect to be multifunctional. Installing large slab tiles on the floor is undoubtedly the most practical and popular use. But it doesn't mean that you cannot use large slabs as wall tiles. It will improve the overall elegance of your home. With a larger tile size, it's easy to give your living space a clean, uncluttered look. Only make sure you don't choose a tile size larger than the floor tiles. Rest, you are set to achieve a magnificent look.

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Quiet Low-Maintenance

If deep inside, you think these tiles are hard to maintain and require extra care, then you're wrong! Large slab tiles are designed in such a way as to infuse some of the great qualities that make them less-maintenance tiles. And, of course, lower grout lines mean less cleaning! Moreover, you can also use these tiles for heavy-footfall areas, corporate offices, kitchens, countertops and more. So, installing them in your desired area is a wise decision.

AGL has the greatest collection of large slab tiles that is sure to win your heart! Check them out to find your ideal tile!



They are also gaining popularity in residential applications! The larger the tile size, the bolder the statement you can make in your home. There are numerous reasons why these tiles are so popular.

Large slab tiles easily give off an impression that the room is more spacious and cleaner. These tiles are super simple to maintain, offer a great aesthetic appeal and blend in easily everywhere!

One of the benefits of large slab wall tiles is that there is less grout, making the overall effect smoother and sleeker. Another advantage of having fewer grouting lines is that it requires less maintenance, which keeps your room looking newer for longer.

Yes, large slab tiles by AGL tiles come in numerous colours, sizes and even finishes. This wide array of options allows you to select the most suitable large slab for your house.


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