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5 Ideas for Designing a Fun & Functional Kid's Bedroom!


5 Ideas for Designing a Fun & Functional Kid's Bedroom!

Bricks and cement make a house, but the laughter of the children makes the home!

If you're blessed with kids, then you'll know how true this statement is. Kids are pure, creative, curious, playful and whatnot! To nurture growth and help them feel the warmth of your love it is important to give them personal space. And a bedroom is just the perfect area you can customize for them. AGL Tiles brings to you some of the most vital tips to elevate your kid's bedroom. From just a place to relax to much more!

Simplicity Works the Best

While designing your kid's room remember that they grow up pretty quickly. So, going overboard is never a good idea. Because the design and the efforts that went into it will be outdated. You should go for furniture that won't get obsolete.

You should go for furniture that won't go obsolete in just a few years. Carefully chosen furniture will not only enhance the functionality of the room but will also save you money. And don't forget to leave ample space in the room, no matter how big or small the room is. Occasionally adding or replacing pillows, rugs, wall art, indoor plants, family picture frames, etc is a good idea.

Create a Play Area

Kids are full of energy, they never get tired and are constantly jumping, running and playing around. Make sure you provide them with a little playful area for them to be active in their room. Bless your kids with a lot of toys and board games as it will keep them active and hooked throughout the day. Luckily, if you have a big enough room then consider installing a rock-climbing wall, rope climbing, slides, swings, and anything else you can think of! Another great idea is to dedicate a wall to their cute little artist by creating a chalk wall and providing them with every colour of chalk! Let them spend their childhood playing actual games instead of sticking their head to the screen all day long.

Add a Ton of Colours

Ditch the boring and bland look by adding a spectrum of colour into the kid's room. There is no such thing as too many colours when it comes to designing your little one's room. Ask them about their favourite colour and incorporate it in the room boldly, not subtly. Kids love bright and colourful things as they will breathe life into the room by making it more joyful. Use different colours for the floor, wall and even the furniture. If their study table is of pink colour then there is no need to get a matching chair, throw in any other colour. Trust this, the more the merrier, just like the rainbow in the sky!

Create a Fun Space

A little fun space is a must in the room to encourage creativity in them. It is difficult to keep them busy all day long. But by giving them opportunities to do what they love you can easily get it done. Almost every kid loved doodling, painting and drawing. So, why not built a creative desk for them in the room by dedicating a corner to it? They will return to their room super excited every single time!

AGL's Anti-Bacterial tiles are the perfect option for your kid's bedroom floor as they will keep harmful germs and bacteria at bay.

Maximize Floor Area

Home flooring always needs to be durable, no matter what. And when it comes to kids' rooms the flooring not only needs to be durable but also slip-resistant as it will be a safe option for your kids. Especially, if they love to run around the house all the time. Floor tiles are also resistant to scratches and stains. So, next time your kid spills over their food on the floor, no need to panic. Moreover, while designing your kid's bedroom, try to maximize the open space as much as possible. Because I will offer your kids the much-needed space to move around.

Designing a kid's bedroom can turn out to be a daunting task, especially when the room of possibilities is endless! Hopefully, these essential tips by AGL solved all your doubts. Remember to use a bunch of colours, exciting furniture and timeless flooring options such as vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles or even marble.

The choice is yours!


  • Choose a theme or colour scheme.
  • Use decals, posters, or artwork to add visual interest.
  • Add functional and decorative storage solutions.
  • Incorporate comfortable bedding and seating.
  • Personalize the space with your child's favourite toys, books, and photos.

To make your kid's room minimalistic, remove clutter and excess toys, choose simple furniture and decor, and use storage solutions to keep items out of sight. Opt for a neutral colour scheme and limit decorative accessories.

The kid's bedroom should have furniture that is safe, age-appropriate, and functional. Examples include a sturdy bed, dressers with rounded edges, toy storage, and a desk or table for crafts and homework.

For a kid's bedroom, it's best to choose a durable and easy-to-clean flooring option. Both vitrified and ceramic tiles are good choices as they are resistant to scratches and spills. Vitrified tiles are denser and stronger, while ceramic tiles offer more design options.


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