Festive Décor Ideas

The best months of the year are to begin. It is the time to deck out your house with festive home decorations that set the mood. Get every inch of your house into the spirit with these creative and festive decorating ideas for spaces big and small home. Whether you prefer traditional decor or modern finish, we guarantee you'll find something you want to recreate here.

Home accessories to mix-n-match with floor tiles

  1. 1. Sofa
    Well, there is no denying that shopping for furniture is very much satisfying. You get to sit on tons of sofas and curl up into a bunch of different textured and uniquely styled chairs to help you find the perfect one. 

  2. 2. Dining table
    Your dining room is a place where your family gathers for dinners. With fresh and modern dining table design, give your room the makeover it deserves. Contrast it with the floor tiles and match with other home décor elements to accentuate the overall look and feel.

  3. 3. Curtains
    Curtains like art finish our home decor. They redesign the home walls and are therefore significant to space's design. They pull a room together, no matter whether they stand out or blend in with other pieces.

  4. 4. Art made by wall tiles
    Wall tiles are a highly versatile product and can be used in your living rooms to make it look like a live piece of art. Find some beautiful options that look stylish and exquisite without much effort. AGL wall tiles come in a variety of range to give your room walls a charismatic appearance of peace and tranquillity.


Don’t underestimate the power of colors of floor tiles

  1. 1. Brown
    Brown color adds a lot of jazz in indoor and outdoor areas. When used outdoors, it matches nature, making your entryway and parking slot look unique!

  2. 2. Dark floor tiles
    Choosing dark floor tile anchors a room with an intense style statement. You have many color palettes to choose from. But nothing is more stylish and attractive than a Black, regardless of the finish you're going for.

  3. 3. Red
    Red floors tiles are unique and are known for their grace. Many people prefer the colour due to its ability to give your home floors a rich velvety gloss. 

  4. 4. Lighter shades for outdoors
    Neutral tile shades tend to mix with any style of decoration. And since the patio often leads to lounge or other rooms and is mostly a large area of your home, choose neutral tile shades. This would also improve the overall look and feel differently!


Let there be light

Do not restrict lighting to lanterns and fairy lights. Have a quirky arrangement of bulbs that hang from the ceiling, beaded chandeliers, and standing lamps. You can have glossy floor tiles for a classy ambiance. Contrast it with beautiful furniture. These elements play a great role to make your home stand out. Remember that warm hues, especially soft yellow, beige, or off-white, work best for a festive look!

Make your home festive ready. Redecorate your home with nothing but the best tiles from AGL!