Floor tiles

Home is where the heart is and what defines the soul of a family is children. Creating the ideal child-friendly home is what AGL believes in. This includes cleanliness, ease in maintenance, protection against hazards and AGL Tiles checks all the lists.

Infact, we are pleased to inform you that, we offer floor & wall tiles which are as strong as your sibling bond. Moreover, it resembles it a lot too. How you ask? Here’s a proof:

1. Strong

Strong home is the foremost requirement of every family. And choosing a strong and durable home tiles is your solution. Increased durability is what makes AGL Tiles perfect for your house. We have a wide range for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, or even entryways.

2. Beautiful

AGL offers tiles, marble and quartz collection to add an instant touch of elegance and refinement to any room. If you’re looking to add beauty to any kitchen or bath or want to achieve a truly rustic style filled with natural tones, shades, and variation, there are several options available with us.

3. Dependable

You get the same elegant finish without any of the upkeep or weathering. In addition, we also offer all-purpose tile, it comes in a variety of designs, colors, and styles to allow for versatility when designing a space. AGL’s range of outdoor tiles is anti-skid to prevent your mishap during monsoon and will not freeze, fade, or crack for years to come.

4. Protective

Your kids are going to wreck the walls and floors, but of course, they are cute, they are family and above all, they are just kids. They are building their life, learning how things work and being their guardians, we shouldn't be their hurdles but we need to be protective. As our tiles are anti-skid, moisture-resistant and stain-resistant, we make sure children can live their life to the fullest without any fear. We make sure that you have a good laugh to embrace this beautiful thing called parenthood.

Get AGL Tiles  now, as our look & feel is impervious to harm. This Raksha bandhan, build a home which is fun, stylish and safe for your kids!

Happy Rakshabandhan!