bathroom tiles design

The most exciting a part of designing a bathroom is selecting all the attractive décor, tiles and colors you are going to use. And that is where the importance of tiles come into the picture. If you're planning to redecorate bathroom and you are done with all-white concept and want to give something unique a shot, then you are at the right place.

1. Patterned walls behind the bathroom tub

best bathroom floor tiles design

There is a place for bold, patterned tiles in your life, and that we think that's right behind your bath tub or on your bathroom wallor even your shower place? The idea is, if you actually want to stay with a lighter shade of tiles or something more sleek and moody, we have many designer bathroom tiles for you.

2. AGL Bathroom Tiles

best bathroom wall tile design

We provide you with bathroom tiles that will help you create a look so clean and neat. Use dim lights and high-quality Bathware and fixtures for a spa like environment. Rejuvenate after a long tiring day!

3. Floral Patterns

light brown bathroom tile

Many people opt for floral patterned tiles on a backsplash walls for behind the basin which is ideal to bring plain walls to life.

4. Geometric patterns

brown bathroom tile design

One of the primary alternative shapes on the market was the hexagonal tile. Nowadays you’ll see them everywhere and altogether they form a beautiful look and feel. They give the impression of being particularly great with bold colours.

5. Designer colorful tiles for backsplashes

light green bathroom floor tiles

We're already totally behind pastels colorsas a wall tilescolorfor your bathroom. Since white is so common, it is safe to say that youcan ditch the white tile and go full-on pastel color. The ombre-style chevron subway tile packs a punch and adds plenty of visual interest, therefore the remainder that your bathroom can give you a relaxing and soothing feel.

6. Marbles


Is there anything more timeless or stunning than marble? The answer is completely not! Moreover, who hasn’t heard of the wonder of Composite marble. Pairwith the gold faucets, marble walls and anti-skid floor tiles, your bathroom will be the perfect example of elegance.

You can also try all-over tile with a little mix of marbles which is a motivating way to merge durability and simple cleaning with style. Vary the colour, shape, pattern, size and texture of tiles by using different bathroom decors on the floors, on the walls and within the shower.

Watch this space for more home décor tips or share your own décor ideas in the comments below.