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Discover 2024's Hottest Tile Trends for a Stylish Space


Discover 2024's Hottest Tile Trends for a Stylish Space

2024 is here and so are the most popular tile trends that you should look out for. If you are planning to revamp your space or build a new one, consider these tile trends. From minimal large slab tiles to the vibrancy of Moroccan tiles there is something for everyone this time.

AGL Tiles brings you the latest tile trends!

Embrace the Colours

2024 is going to be all about colour tiles across the home. Adding colourful floor tiles and wall tiles can add personality and energy to your space. Homeowners can experiment with vibrant hues to truly create a trendy look for their homes. Go for rich jewel tones like emerald, green, sapphire blue, and fiery orange. You can experiment with either solid colour tiles or geometric patterns, depending on your style preference.

Pro tip: Adding such wall tiles to your living room can easily enhance the visual appeal.

Timeless Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are a timeless trend that is still strong in 2024. The simple yet stylish look of terrazzo floor tiles makes it a versatile option. A creative way to use these tiles would be to install them as outdoor tiles.

If flooring does not appeal to you then go bold by using terrazzo as wall tiles, either in the bathroom or living room. In 2024 terrazzo won't be limited to just floor or wall, it has made its way to the kitchen backsplash, kitchen countertop and accent walls too. This year you can also expect a variety of new hues for terrazzo tiles, not just the old beige colour.

Pro tip: Add the style and charm of terrazzo tiles by using them on the staircase, be it indoors or outdoors.

Sustainable Ceramic Tiles

2024 is also about the environment more than ever and efforts to make a difference. for those looking for a sustainable flooring option, ceramic tiles are the clear-cut answer. Because these eco-friendly tiles do not harm nature and are a long-term flooring solution. The durability is good enough to last for years if not decades with optimal maintenance.

With ceramic tiles, you also get a ton of size, design, colour and finish options. The ceramic tiles collection by AGL Tiles features a wide range of designs to help you transform your home.

Morocco Tiles for Art Enthusiasts

This trend is popular among those who are not a fan of minimal looks. Morocco tiles feature some of the most colourful patterns that will just pop out, regardless of where you install them. The Art Collection by AGL has some excellent Morocco tiles designed with attractive hues and patterns. Their intricate patterns with motifs work great to decorate the space effortlessly. They are perfectly suitable for both traditional and modern settings.

Thus, offering you a timeless aesthetic that is also trendy. Moreover, these tiles are easy to look after, so cherish the beautiful and vibrant patterns for years to come.

Pro tip: The kitchen backsplash and bathroom wall are some of the best places to add the vibrancy of Moroccan tiles.

Bigger Tiles Means Cleaner Look

Just like the intricacy of geometric designs, a minimal and neat tile look is also in trend. Large slab tiles in particular the reason behind it. These large slab tiles are twice or thrice in size compared to ordinary tiles and create a seamless look. Bigger tiles also mean fewer grout lines and a visually complete look.

Moreover, large slab tiles paint the picture of spaciousness, an interesting benefit. AGL Tiles has a wide collection of large slab tiles such as MarbleX and StyleX with a variety of design options.

Pro tip: Large slab tiles work great for small spaces if you want to create an illusion of spaciousness.

Subway Tiles in Not So Subway Fashion

Subway tiles are a stylish and contemporary trend in 2024. These wall tiles or floor tiles work well in every setting. Although its most popular applications are as bathroom wall tiles and kitchen backsplash. You can always go for dark or bright shades of subway tiles such as red, black, orange and more.

Another trend among subway tiles is installing them in different layouts such as herringbone and vertically stacked. The subway tiles collection by AGL features numerous patterns to help you spice up your interior

Pro tip: Experiment with bold or dark-coloured tiles for a dramatic focal point.

Final Thoughts

These were some tile trends that can transform your space into a visual haven this year. Go for the tiles that align with your style and preference for a cohesive look. However, there is no harm in designing something new and interesting with Moroccan or subway tiles.

No, matter what tile trend appeals to you, AGL Tiles has an extensive collection of floor tiles, wall tiles, bathroom tiles, and kitchen tiles and much more.


For 2024 the tile design trends are around eco-friendly ceramic tiles, colourful tiles and large slab tiles. These tiles are trendy with a hint of contemporary design elements to them.

Pantone Viva Magenta became the colour of the year in 2023, we can expect to see tiles of this colour even in 2024. Moreover, people are shifting towards warm hues when it comes to tiles.

Regularly reading the insightful blogs of reputable brands like AGL Tiles you can stay updated with the latest tile trends. You can also follow the Instagram and Pinterest handles for more creative inspiration.

There is a rise in the popularity of ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles. Along with these materials we can also expect the continuous use of marble tiles.

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