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Important Factors to Consider While Selecting the Right Terrace Tiles


Important Factors to Consider While Selecting the Right Terrace Tiles

Imagine relaxing on a cosy chair on your roof as the cold breeze brushes against your skin. While you gaze at the beautiful evening sky, perhaps a majestic sunset and spend quality time with your loved ones.

But before all that consider installing terrace tiles that offer you a stylish and functional space. With the right setup, your terrace can become a delightful escape for leisure and entertainment. In this insightful blog by AGL Tiles, we will discuss important factors that you must not miss while selecting the right terrace tiles!

Choose the Right Outdoor Tiles Material

The first thing to consider while selecting the right terrace tiles is the material. There are a variety of suitable materials available in the market. Since it will be installed on the terrace, these outdoor tiles will have to withstand a variety of conditions.

Here are some popular outdoor tile material options:

Vitrified Tiles: It is a durable and stain-resistant option highly suitable for the terrace. You can also get a sleek look and a variety of designs.

Ceramic Tiles: An extremely versatile outdoor tiles that are durable too. It's a perfect budget-friendly and stylish option to consider.

Porcelain Tiles: Known for their strength and low maintenance, porcelain tiles withstand the elements. Making them perfect for stylish and durable terrace flooring.

Marble Tiles: It is a truly luxurious option that can add timeless elegance to your terrace. Marble tiles can be an expensive option, but quality justifies it.

Terrace Tiles for Decades

Durability is a key factor when it comes to floor tiles. The same goes for the terrace tiles as you won't be replacing them too often. Carefully chosen terrace tiles can easily last for decades if maintained correctly.

Outdoor tiles by AGL are specially designed to be an effective long-term flooring solution for homeowners. Vitrified tiles and Ceramic tiles are some popular outdoor tile options known for their longevity.

So, your selected outdoor tiles for the terrace should also meet the durability standard.

Resistant to Harsh Weather

The terrace is continuously exposed to a ton of harsh weather conditions. Under the direct sun, scorching temperatures, constant rainfall, and winds. So, it becomes obvious to look out for terrace tiles that can withstand such harsh weather conditions.

Go for outdoor tiles that can easily handle such weather conditions without cracking or fading. An ideal terrace tile will maintain its original appearance even after years.

MarbleX is a great option by AGL Tiles that is both heat and cold-resistant. Consider your local climate before deciding on terrace tiles.

Consider Anti-Skid Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor tiles should undoubtedly be anti-skid. These terrace tiles have a rough textured surface to improve the traction on the feet. It also prevents and minimizes the risk of falls & slips, especially during the rainy season. Anti-skid terrace tiles will make the roof a safe space for everyone to roam around and have a good time.

The same is true for other outdoor areas like patios, pool areas and balconies. Look for anti-slip outdoor tiles to ensure the safety and functionality of the terrace.

Match the Design to Your Style

Apart from all the technicalities of selecting the right terrace tiles, don't forget about the aesthetics. Keep in mind the entire style of your home before selecting the terrace tiles. Contrasting these terrace tiles with the entire look of your home is one thing and completely getting it wrong is another.

AGL Tiles offers a variety of designs, textures, finishes and sizes for outdoor tiles. It can range from simple white floor tiles up to stone-look tiles for your terrace. Depending on your aesthetic preference make the choice and create a visually stunning yet functional terrace space.

Only Go for Branded Outdoor Tiles

One of the most common mistakes is not considering the branded tiles and opting for local tiles. Non-brand tiles often come cheap, but they are short-lived and not the best option for the terrace. As discussed above terrace is prone to moisture, a lot of foot traffic and various harsh weather conditions.

So, going for branded outdoor floor tiles like that offered by AGL Tiles is a great idea. AGL Tiles is India's largest tiles manufacturing brand offering a variety of premium quality outdoor tiles.

Final Thoughts

Installing terrace tiles is a game changer for your property, be it residential or commercial. These outdoor tiles enhance the safety, functionality and aesthetics of your space. Turning it into the perfect outdoor haven that everyone desires.

AGL Tiles has the perfect collection of outdoor tiles highly suitable for the terrace. Check out the wide variety of tiles to discover your ideal pick!


Porcelain and vitrified tiles are ideal options for the terrace. Because of their durability, water resistance and easy maintenance. Making them a perfect option for outdoor spaces.

Yes, installing tiles on the terrace is a great idea. The outdoor tiles will enhance the terrace's appearance and offer the needed durability.

Yes, vitrified tiles are waterproof. They have a non-porous surface that prevents water absorption, making them suitable for areas prone to moisture. So, it's possible to install these outdoor tiles on the terrace.

Prevent moss and algae on terrace tiles by regularly cleaning and scrubbing them. Ensure proper drainage to minimize water accumulation. Consider using algae-resistant sealants for the best results.

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