5 Interesting Wall & Floor Tile Ideas for a White Bathroom Look

White tiles have always been trendy no matter where you install them. With the variety of sizes, finishes, textures and shapes white floor and wall tiles are only becoming timeless. Especially when it comes to spaces like bathrooms where the tile colour plays a major role in the aesthetics.

For some helpful advice and a touch of inspiration, we've listed five great ideas for white bathroom tiles that you can use for your next bathroom makeover project!

Subway Tiles with Dark Grout

Subway tiles are one of the most interesting wall tiles out there with their unique shape. Installing white subway wall tile into your bathroom can be a great addition to the aesthetics. But just a simple white subway wall tiles look can get bland, so spice it up with dark grout colour.

These dark shades of grout lines can help add depth to the subway pattern. It's still a simple yet impactful wall tile choice to go for. Pair it up with the surrounding area and contrasting or matching floor tiles to truly create an aesthetic haven.

Throw in Some Colours with White Tiles

Going all white with floor tiles and wall tiles in your bathroom is beautiful but not interesting enough. A solution to this is exploring the numerous shades of white colour such as pure white, ivory, off-white, and eggshell. Each of these shades will offer a different look to your bathroom space. The floor tiles and wall tiles by AGL come in a variety of white tiles with attractive patterns and designs.

Another idea is to combine white tiles with other coloured tiles to create a contrast that looks mesmerizing. For this homeowner can play around with accessories and other items in the bathroom too instead of the bathroom tiles.

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A Touch of Wood with White Wall Tiles

Another way to liven up the sleek white bathroom tiles look is with the addition of natural elements. By this, we do not mean you install wooden planks or any other wooden material on either the floor or wall of the bathroom. Because managing the actual wood in a wet area like this is nothing less than your worst nightmare.

Instead, homeowners should make a smart choice by selecting wood-look tiles for the bathroom floors. Combine this with chic white wall tiles to create a harmonious aesthetic. The natural wood-look floor tiles by AGL Tiles offer numerous colours to choose from, so you may find the best fit for your bathroom.

Adding small potted plants, and other nature-inspired decorations can enhance the space.

Large Slab White Tiles for a Clean Look

If you are planning to create an interesting bathroom space using white tiles you might as well ditch the regular size tiles. Opt for a large slab of bathroom tiles which are twice or thrice bigger compared to your ordinary tiles. The large slab tiles collection by AGL Tiles features a wide range of white tiles that are truly stylish.

Using larger floor tiles not only reduces the number of grout lines but also makes the space look cleaner and more spacious. Moreover, large slab tiles work excellently for smaller bathrooms with space constraints.

This also offers you an added because having fewer grout lines makes maintenance easier for you.

Luxurious Marble for the Bathroom

The white bathroom look is incomplete without including marble. You can select the preferred marble flooring for the bathroom from a wide range of styles and finishes. It will offer a luxurious and timeless look to your bathroom with the serenity of white. Marble isn't just for floor tiles or wall tiles; it's great for countertops too! The natural variations in the stone add depth and character to the overall ambience.

The natural variations in the stone add depth and character, elevating the overall ambience. Pair it up with shiny fixtures and simple decorations, this fancy marble addition turns your bathroom into a spa-like escape. Enjoy the elegance of white marble for a truly luxurious bath experience.

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Design a Beautiful Bathroom Space with AGL's Tile Visualizer

White is a truly timeless colour that will never lose its beauty and appeal. So, if you are planning to give your bathroom a makeover using white floor tiles and wall tiles, then go for it.

The 360° Tile Visualizer by AGL Tiles will help you visualize the desired tiles in the bathroom. All of this allows homeowners to select the right kind of white tiles that will perfectly fit in your space.

AGL Tiles has an extensive collection of white floor tiles and wall tiles to help you create a visually appealing bathroom space!


Not necessarily. The choice of floor tile colour relative to the walls depends on personal preference and design goals. Both lighter and darker options can work well in a bathroom.

Grey, beige, or pastel colours complement white floor tiles, creating a clean and elegant look. Earthy tones or vibrant accent colours can also enhance the overall aesthetic.

In India, ceramic or porcelain tiles with low water absorption and resistance to stains are ideal for bathroom walls. Choose tiles with a textured surface for better grip and aesthetics.

Light-coloured, large-format tiles with minimal patterns create an illusion of space and brightness in a small bathroom. Choose tiles that reflect light to make the area appear larger and airy.