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The Best Parking Tile Ideas for Your Outdoor Parking Space


The Best Parking Tile Ideas for Your Outdoor Parking Space

Parking tiles also known as outdoor tiles are often installed in the parking area be it residential or commercial. They are popular for their durability and versatility to easily blend in the space. There are several other reasons too behind their popularity.

Moreover, you can experiment with diverse parking tile ideas to create a visually appealing space!

Features of Parking Tiles

Durability & Strength

The durability and strength of the tiles for outdoor space is the main feature. These parking tiles are made from some of the most durable materials such as ceramic, vitrified or porcelain. The materials are known for their impressive strength so they can easily withstand the heavyweights of vehicles along with the daily wear & tear. Expect the outdoor tiles to stay intact for years without breaking or cracking.

Anti-Skid Surface

Another key feature of parking tiles is their anti-skid surface. This enhances the safety of the parking area and prevents accidents or mishaps. Because tiles for outdoor spaces are often exposed to a ton of things and can easily get wet and slippery.

Stain Resistance

Parking tiles are often installed outdoors that are prone to a variety of substances. Such as oil, grease, and other automotive fluids. The flooring can easily get hard to remove stains and ruin the entire appearance. However parking tiles are primarily stain-resistant, so homeowners do not have to worry about another common problem.

Weather Resistance

Parking Vitrified tiles are probably one of the toughest floor tiles out there. Their installation area requires them to be weather-resistant as well. So, these outdoor parking tiles are designed to withstand all sorts of weather conditions. Be it harsh sunlight, heavy rain, stormy winds, or even the snowfall. If you have selected parking tiles then these conditions will not affect the tiles neither functionally nor aesthetically.

Low Water Absorption

Parking tiles are great because they do not soak up much water. Meaning, that your outdoor parking space won't get damaged this easily, even if it rains heavily. Low water absorption makes them super sturdy, so they won't crack or break easily.

Easy to Clean

It is a brainer that outdoor tiles become the dirtiest, and that too quite often. So, it only makes sense for these parking tiles to be low-maintenance and easy to look after, which they are. Getting rid of dust, dirt and stains is pretty simple. just mild detergent and water are more than enough to clean the parking tiles. Make sure to avoid harsh chemicals, and get rid of any debris and dirt to maintain a neat appearance.

Variety of Designs

Tiles for outdoor spaces such as the parking area do not have to be all about functionality, aesthetics matter too. The outdoor tiles collection by AGL Tiles features a wide range of design options, including numerous colours and sizes. This flexibility in design for parking vitrified tiles allows homeowners to customize the space easily. The same goes for commercial spaces where aesthetics are often overlooked.

Outdoor Tiles Ideas for Parking Space

Geometric Patterns

You can always add geometric patterns to any of your spaces, especially the parking area. The parking vitrified tiles collection by AGL features a variety of parking tiles designed perfectly suitable for geometric patterns. You can find shapes such as hexagons, chevrons, or herringbone to spice up things. Consider alternating colours to form appealing designs that break the monotony. It is a great option for those who are not a fan of minimalistic designs.

Greenery Integration

When it comes to tiles for outdoor space, we often assume the absence of greenery. Installing intricately designed parking tiles with grass designs on the surface makes it easy to overcome this issue. This paints the illusion of greenery on the parking floor tiles of your space. This design is superior to simple hues of outdoor tiles. You can also make green areas in the parking lot by leaving space for planters or using permeable tiles that let grass grow.

Texture Variation

Textured parking tiles enhance both aesthetics and functionality in parking areas. These tiles are both visually attractive and provide a safe surface for vehicles, offering a practical solution. Textured parking tiles come in various designs that not only enhance style but also offer a sturdy surface for vehicles. Be it a modern geometric pattern or a classic finish. These tiles make parking areas safer and visually appealing.

AGL Tiles is one of the best tile brands in India offering a diverse collection of parking tiles. Explore a variety of design options with outdoor tiles such as Grandura, Grandura Plus and Eco Blanco with a variety of colours and styles options.

It's time to create your perfect outdoor parking area!


Choose durable and non-slip tiles for car parking. Opt for vitrified parking tiles or porcelain tiles. Because they can withstand vehicle weight and provide a smooth surface, ensuring safety and longevity.

Parking tiles come in various sizes. Common dimensions include 300x300 mm, 400x400 mm, and 600x600 mm. These sizes offer flexibility for different spaces, providing durability and aesthetic appeal.

Vitrified parking tiles are typically 12mm thick. This thickness ensures durability and strength for handling vehicle weight. It provides a sturdy surface, making it suitable for parking areas.

For outdoor spaces, choose durable tiles like porcelain or vitrified tiles. They resist weather, are easy to clean, and prevent slips. Opt for textured surfaces for better traction and longevity.

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