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Black and White Tiles: 5 Innovative Ways to Use Them!


Black and White Tiles: 5 Innovative Ways to Use Them!

Black and white tiles are a classic yet stylish colour combination. It is a timeless pattern of colour that is sure to fit perfectly in your living space. These contrasting colours have the ability to liven up the space no matter where you install them.

Some popular uses of black and white tiles are as kitchen wall tiles and bathroom floor tiles. But, let's not limit our creativity to these mere spots by innovatively installing them elsewhere too!

Classic Checkerboard Flooring

Checkerboard flooring is often seen in hotel lobbies and at other spacious buildings. It is a classic masterpiece when it comes to flooring.

Adapt this black & white floor tiles look in your house as well. Be it your cosy kitchen, refreshing bathroom, or inviting entryway, this design will work everywhere.

AGL offers a multitude of tile sizes, so play around with the tile size. It will help you add a touch of modernity to this traditional floor tile design.

Mesmerizing Monochromatic Mosaics

It's time to spice up the use of black and white wall tiles with monochromatic mosaics. This is a stunning blend of simplicity and elegance. A perfect wall tiles design to take the classic combination of black and white tiles to a whole new level.

Imagine intricate designs adorning walls, spicing up kitchen backsplashes, or adding flair to your countertops.

These mosaic designs are like puzzles of creativity, forming patterns, images, or even dreamy abstract arrangements. The sky is the limit with this design, feel free to unleash your creativity. One can easily turn spaces into captivating works of art that resonate with both sophistication and charm.

MarbleX also known as large slab tiles can be a perfect fit for this particular design. Explore the unique collection by AGL Tiles to find the perfect fit!

Add a Feature Wall

Adding a feature wall into your space is always a brilliant idea. Especially adorning it with black and white wall tiles design.

Imagine coming across this beautiful masterpiece as you walk into the living room, bedroom or even the kitchen. The bathroom is yet another excellent place to beautify by installing a feature wall using bathroom wall tiles.

You can ditch the classic checkerboard design by opting for a herringbone pattern. It will add a touch of elegance and movement to your space. You can also go for a hexagonal tiles pattern as it creates a visually engaging honeycomb effect.

These tiles, like puzzle pieces, come together to tell a story of contrast and harmony. Thus, turning an ordinary wall into a breathtaking work of art.

Furniture for Black & White

Another way to include black and white tiles in your space is by targeting the furniture. This is not a popular or commonly seen use of tiles but is surely an innovative one.

Visualize your furniture flaunting the beautiful look of black and white tiles, truly unique. While redecorating our space the furniture is often overlooked. Resulting in it sticking out like a sore thumb whereas the rest of the space shines new!

Give the old furniture a new identity with the help of black and white tiles.

The dining table, work desk, coffee table, dresser sides etc. are some of the furniture that will effortlessly look great in their new looks.

Extend to the Outdoor Pathway

Black and white tiles can work great for outdoor pathways. Picture a pathway with alternating black and white tiles laid out like a checkerboard. This creates a stylish and eye-catching pattern that guides you along the path. The contrast between the two colours helps define the pathway and adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.

Plus, these outdoor tiles are usually made to withstand the weather, so they'll stay looking good even in rain or sun.

Black and white floor tiles can turn a plain outdoor path into a visually appealing journey that stands out and complements your surroundings.

Final Words

These absolutely stunning ideas are sure to level up your space by a mountain. To get the most out of these black and white tile designs, consider AGL for your tiles purchase.

Our exquisite collection boasts to be the best tiles in India. Moreover, the wide range of kitchen floor tiles, bathroom wall tiles, outdoor tiles and much more has every style you may dream of!

Check out our innovative Real-Time 360° Tile Visualizer to experience every floor tile design and wall tile design at its best! Create your bespoke designs using the visualizer before finalizing the one that suits you!


To create a stylish kitchen, use black and white tiles in a cool pattern. Place black and white kitchen floor tiles or backsplash in a pleasing design. This combination looks clean, contemporary, and visually appealing, giving your kitchen a modern feel.

You can add a touch of warmth with soft beige or earthy tones. For a vibrant look, consider using a pop of red or deep blue. Calmness can be achieved with cool greys or pale pastels. Explore the floor tiles collection by AGL available in diverse colours.

Yes, black and white tiles can work outdoors if they are made of durable materials like vitrified or ceramic. These outdoor tiles can handle weather and foot traffic. But proper installation and maintenance are important to ensure they last and stay safe to walk on.

Lay black and white bathroom floor tiles like a checkerboard or create patterns. Mix and match with wall colours and decor for a stylish and classic look.

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